Weapon Effects?

I don’t think mage one is too good because you mostly just farm monsters in the game and rarely ever go ul against players…

Most people use skills in battle
Atleast all of the people I’ve fought

none of these things have been confirmed wdym

I remember poly saying that there was gonna be a new dagger with a poison tip

it was never confirmed.
there is no elemental effect weapons. not even with scrolls.

This has already been created by me here;

As many others have said before, please do research to see if the topic you want to create has already been created

Legendary Weapons and Armor Effects

You suggested armor effects not weapon effects.

Actually I did suggest weapon effects. Please read the entire topic before assuming.

That was an example.

If you are interpreting mine to be an example, that means yours have to be the same.


Ok, but you only suggested one weapon effect. The rest was armor related.

Doesn’t matter how many I suggested, I still made a topic about it, thus it already being discussed. I was leaving it to the people who replied to come up with more.

You made the topic about armor effects…

can we take this to dms please

I did not, make it about armor effects, weapon effects are in the topic too.

You just read half of the topic and assumed the rest was about armor effects. As I said before, please read the topic before assuming.

DMs please

Someone please help me out here.

I havent seen you in Vesteria lately.

the auto clicking patch stopped her xd