We wont have a playtest today ;(

waaaaaaaaaa its sad boy hours

Indeed, Sad Times…

One of the playtests started at like 8:00 PM one day, so what makes you think we won’t have one today?

Considering It Is Around 2 - 4 Hours Later Than Other Play Tests, Sort Of Seems Like There Won’t Be One. Though That Is Just My Opinion.

It hasn’t started 4 hours since 12:00.
Usually they happen 1-2 hours after 12:00


One happened at 8:00 PM though. What’s your point?

Week 15 playtest started at 2:30. This is way later.

What’s your point? There isn’t really a schedule for these…

This was at 12:00PM. I feel like I should be able to expect one around this time after 12:00

But I dont think the devs confirmed a playtest today, so idk

Yeah they didn’t confirm

Just because we don’t get one a few hours after a certain time does not automatically mean that there won’t be a playtest today.

Haven’t the devs confirmed a playtest every single Saturday at least a day ahead?

Doesn’t mean they have to. They fixed the sniper enemies glitch, so I’d think it’s a good time for a playtest. There might be another problem they’ve suddenly run into…

Many people on the forum including me asked and the devs didnt respond so i assumed not

We’ll see when the devs come online

Just because they don’t tell us doesn’t mean there’s nothing happening today.

I’ve been checking on Twitter for like the past 2 hours just in case they tell us something, but nothing so far…

No playtest. Confirmed by berezaa

Well NOW you can be sad about not having a playtest…