We fixed enemies sniping you from a mile away

After weeks of slamming our heads against numerous tables at Roblox HQ (sorry, facilities) we finally figured out why enemies were sniping you from across the map.

Basically, when we spawn a giant enemy, we multiply a ton of its properties. We double attack range, double it’s size, multiply its health by 50… etc.

One property that we doubled for giant enemies was the radius of the enemy’s “damageHitboxCollection”. However, we accidentally made it so all enemies were sharing the same damageHitboxCollection property. So every time a giant enemy spawned, it doubled the hit detection radius of every enemy on the map.

The attack range property worked as intended however, so the enemies would still only attack you once you got within range. However, when it attacked you and checked to see if you were within it’s hitbox range, it would essentially damage everyone on the map.

Sorry about that one lads :smile:


thank you :ok_hand:

Thanks berezaa

Great job!!!


omg thanks!!!

Ah that one variable messes everything up. (P.S, from the law of coding it can only be one variable, not multiple, one)

Awesome!!! Can’t wait to play again

Thanks dude! I remember getting killed literally at the little mushroom town by something in THE CAVE! Great work!

bereza makes an announcement
30 people instantly come online

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I’m so glad this is fixed! Also I love how completely wrong everyone was in their theories of what was causing it. Although some were close with the giant hitboxes, nobody had any clue that it was the giants causing it.

very well, thank you Papa! <3

now i can buy the game even if it was 2000 R$ release game passes i will buy because you guys work rill fast and i love the progress. let me buy cosmetics pls!

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Finallllyyyyyyyyyyy yay I’m so happy lol

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Thank you so much Berezaa and the Vesteria Team. :blush:


I started waiting for this to happen in 1978. Rip the good ol days

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I love you guys now :heart:️[I mean I loved you guys before but this made me crawl into a corner and think about things. But it’s all good now.]

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Thank you, i am able to finally play without dying in 10 seconds.

thank you @berezaa

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Wow… so I was right…
Btw tks @berezaa :DDDD

That Is A Good Fix.