Ways to make Assassins better

Assassins were classified as the sub-class with the highest burst damage. However, we have gotten more utility moves than actual damaging moves. Them being:

  1. Shadow walk - Utility
  2. Step through shadow - Utility
  3. Shadow Flurry - Burst Damage attack.

Now I believe all sub-classes could use some more skills, but assassins are in the most need in my opinion. A way to solve the Assassin class’ lack of attacks are either a new passive skill or at least 1 new burst damaging skill.

A good passive skill in my opinion would be something called “Execution Arts”. The passive would give the dagger equipped on player a black/purple aura or hue similar to the purple particles when using the execute skill. The passive would also make it so that every 5th basic attack would spawn a shadow clone, similar to the clone in the shadow flurry skill, that appears from behind the enemy and would deal 2x your basic attack damage.

A cool burst damage skill I believe would give Assassins more dps is a skill called “Night dance”. It would be a skill that is a mix of the ranger sub-class’ “ranger stance” skill and the paladin sub-class’ “smite” skill. It would be a toggle skill that drains mana by the second. While its triggered, the player would attack at 1.3x their normal basic attack speed with a 1.3x damage buff. Also with the buffs, the player’s attacks would create dark slashes that travel forward a short range, like the “smite” skill, but colored black.

These are some of my ideas, and having either one would be cool in my opinion.

It’s tough to say - honestly I am comfortable with where Assassin is right now. I just think in comparison to Ranger it isn’t as powerful. The Shadow Flurry is really effective against large amounts of mobs and the Shadow Walk can be utilized for slight burst damage against mobs and players alike.

I would prefer development effort go towards making new content rather than entirely new/redone subclass skills. I feel at most a few numbers need to be tweaked with extensive testing and comparisons.

Sub-classes will be a longer commitment than regular classes. So if hunters get like 4 skills for 20 levels, sub-classes will at least go to like level 50, they should have not just 3 skills. I also suggested a passive as well, which would have a smaller impact than a new active skill in my opinion. Also step through the shadow is useful only in SQR.

I would instead prefer that there’s greater opportunity for players to devote points into particular skills, perhaps increasing the points necessary to master a skill to something like 15 instead? So there’s more specialization and perhaps a more elaborate power upon full mastery of one skill.

More elaborate power is the norm (or was?) for baseclasses, with boosts at 5/10 skill point investement. Was that repealed at somepoint?

a passive skill for assassins: for every skill executed successfully, all other skills cooldown will be reduced by 2 second

wait… doesn’t that means with max excute / shadow step, you can have infinite abilities?

that is if you don’t miss or fail to execute the skill

Shadow Walk doesn’t even buff my attack??

It does.

Not noticeable

actually your right it doesnt work. >:i

I know, :slight_smile:

Maybe instead of new skills, they could add skill enhancement so instead of execute maxing at 10 skill points if you pick assassin you can upgrade execute more

Assassin is confirmed to be getting buffed by Berezaa - Cloak power will instantly restore Stamina and apply additional speed while active.