Water And The Sun

I’ll Just Straight Up Say That I Don’t Really Know Which Category This Should Go In So I Put It Here, So The Thing I’ll Be Discussing Is If The Water And Any Graphic Setting Is Too Bright. This Is A Problem For Me As Whenever I’m Trying To Fish The Screen Is Just So Bright That It Becomes Hard To Even Look At The Screen. I Don’t Know If Others Are Having The Same Issue, But I’m Most Certainly Am.

As I Already Said, No Matter What Graphic Setting I Am On, It Still Burns My Eyes. Only At Night Is When It Doesn’t Burn My Eyes. Though I Can Turn Down The Brightness It Just Makes The Game Go Grey Which Displeases Me As It Ruins From The Games Effects.

turn down the brightness on your monitor

Like I Didn’t Already Think Of That.

then burn


can u try send a video of this happening or a picture

All You Have To Do Is Go To Seaside Path And Look At The Water…

oh lmao i think i get what ur saying, if u really want to go hard then u could dig thru the files and delete anything sun related