Wasp/Hornet/Bee Mob Leak thingie

Alrighty so I’m assuming you guys have seen the “wasp” in the Future Update Spoiler Compilation, but I just realized something that I haven’t heard anybody talk about… What this tweet says…

Now you may be thinking I’m stupid and everybody has seen this tweet, but I’m not talking about the picture, I’m talking about what @Jazzyxthree said about the picture… “Rubee!”… I think that’s what the name of the mob will be because A. The mob has rubies for eyes, and B. nope that’s abt the only reason I can think of other than it just makes sense to me. (and I guess because there is a bee emoji next to a gemstone emoji.)

So, thoughts on this? Also if you think my theory is correct do you think that the mob will drop Rubies or something like that?

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how come when i kill the wasp nests on my house it doesn’t drop rubies? also i don’t think it will drop rubies because wasp dont drop any ruby when i kill it in real life!!!111

man i like how everyone ignores me when i say bee instead of wasp

it’s a wasp

maybe it drops rubies.

maybe rupees


Vesteria conspiracy theories?!?!?

Nyeh heh heh heh heh hehhhhh

Berezaa said it was called the rubee in stream and that they are adding it, a “wildebeast”, the golem, and a scarecrow I think. I don’t remember exactly.

Scarecrow should have came Halloween smh.

He said the scarecrow was something they thought about but stopped doing, but they might finish later

oh ok.