Was this a scam?

So, a friend who plays vesteria, he traded a red-dyed +6 basic scrolled wooden bow for a shattersun dirk, and the guy who traded the dirk says my friend got scammed. I think the other guy got scammed, but idk? (I gave my friend the bow and it was already dyed before I ever got it, so I think they were scammed)

It isn’t a scam if he willingly did it and his client was not forced to complete the trade.

Shattersun Dirk is far more valuable than any sort of Wooden Bow, so it is technically a ripoff.

Makes sense
So that’s good

That is an uber good trade, that guy was ripping himself off. Even a green-tier legendary wooden bow wouldn’t be worth a dirk.

BTW I have a slot I’m getting ready to rebirth, gonna get a talon from its quest. And gonna get a Shattersun Dirk if for no other reason than a secondary weapon (particularly for use in Dunes, as its perk works in offhand).

I just got a clean spider fang for 100 silver.

chest raid

No trade is a scam, because both sides have to accept.

It is a rip-off for the guy with the dirk however.

WARNING!! Quests don’t reset when you rebirth, don’t do it if its only for the quest

I know quests don’t reset, that slot is gonna be for farming shroompoc
Shroompoc is easier to get holies and other good stuff (cough cough great headgear cough) than at SQR/other places, like seriously 200 Golden Mushrooms can be gotten in like six runs, assuming you kill everything.

My tactic is gonna be make it a warrior, farm Shroompoc exclusively until lvl 21 is hit, go rebirth in Tree of Life, rinse and repeat. Lol how much is a holy worth rn?

Oh ok, in that case may I suggest a better tactic? Get it to level 20, but whenever you are about to hit 21 keep dying and losing xp until you have no more xp for lvl 20, then continue

No I like mushcoin intact, it remains even after u rebirth.

The fun part will be getting a fierce rusty sword (treemuks in redwood pass can drop rusty swords). BTW anyone know if theres something that can drop rusty armor (lvl 10 warrior armor)? I been trying to figure it out but no luck yet.

Baby yetis, I believe.

They drop the helmet ik but I need armor itself.

i might just buy you the armor xD

Scarecrows drop it.

they drop bronze but the pristine bonus is handy

you would lose money too.

No that’s why I’m asking what drops it, I want to get a modified variant.