Warriors training montage

Aye Warriors, in you’re opinion what is the best way to level up from level 35 to 49 easily without dying over and over :flushed:
I am a knight in need of help :pensive:

uh, just don’t die

35 - 40: Forsaken Isle
40 - 45: Whispering Dunes “Stingtails”
45 - 49: Whispering Dunes “Deathstings” & “Wurms”

Easiest way to level up playing warrior.

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I just went into the stingtail death pits and spammed blade spin. got from 35-43 fast

I grinded from 33 to 36 pretty easily in stingtails

where shud i grind if i lvl 30?

Stingtails if you are level 26. You’ll be able to take them on reasonably easily, and it’ll be faster than bats or rats. There’s also less risk, so you won’t lose a 100s ticket like when you die in forsaken isles.

thanks for the hell ya’ll im a knight level 43 now farming wurms :flushed: if a mod or @meta could close this discussion would be lovely

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