Warriors: the plagued forest: book #1: into the clans


Stormy was chasing a bird into a forest. I almost have it! he thought, then the dream shifted. He was leading a group of cats to a new home, after their old home was taken over by rouges. Rouges? he thought what are rogues and how do i know what they are? the dream shifted again. Everything was turning black, and he heard the sound of running water, and realised he was waking up. One of his owners was filling up his water dish. He ran over and drank it with his paw hastily. Then he remembered the dream. Why was I leading those cats? What are rouges? Was that me, or was I watching someone else? That looked like me. What’s going on? So he went out to the forest, and started looking for someone to talk about this with. His friend Tom jumped onto the fence before he could go into the forest. “Hey, where are you going? That place is dangerous. I’ve seen foxes in there before” “foxes?” stormy asked. “Yes foxes. Foxes are very dangerous creatures.” “ok, well tom, can i ask you a question?” “anytime, stromy”. So stormy told Tom about the dream, and asked a few questions. “Wait wait wait, hold up, you leading a group of cats? Are you sure this is not just a dream? Are you absolutely sure it’s important?” tom asked.
“Yes” came stormy’s reply. “I felt something. It’s important. I’m completely sure.”


Stormy was having the same dream again. He was getting used to it, after having it every night for 7 days now. He wondered why he kept having it. Tom had not believed him when he said it was important, but after that he kept having the dream. He knew that it was important. He decided after he woke up, he would go try to catch a bird.
Stormy could smell a bird, even though he hadn’t trained his sense of smell much, so he knew it must be close. Then he saw it. It was eating a nut on the floor. Slowly, stormy creped up on it, then right before it noticed him, he pounced. He had actually caught a bird! Stormy was just about to try eating it when he saw a tortoiseshell peld in the bushes. He remembered seeing this cat in his dream, so he walked up to her. “Hello?” he asked. “Who are you and what are you doing here?” she growled. “Im stormy, and i came here because i have been having a weird dream lately” then he found himself blurting out everything to this she-cat. She seemed to understand. “That must have been a dream sent to you by star clan. She explained. Star clan is where every dead warrior goes when they die. Unless they are unloyal. Then they go to the dark forest. A terrible plague swept through the clans, and the survivors cannot stay here any longer or they may end up with the plague. Us survivors were extremely lucky to have not got the plague, but it is extremely dangerous for us to stay here. We must find a new home that suits us well. We also need a leader. But you are too young now. The dream you had must have been moons from now. I’m not much older than you are, so i can’t lead either. Most of the survivors are very young. It is clear from your dream that you will end up leading the clans eventually, but now is not your time.

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I mean… the writing is pretty good, but is this the right place for a warriors fanfic?

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Well, I have two pieces of advice. First, I never use chapters in one post. Maybe I’m just disorganized, but I just separate the paragraphs and then put a time jump into what I need. Second, you would probably get more appreciation on a relevant reddit forum.

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You wouldn’t get banned, fan-fictions are usually encouraged; they provide free advertising for the author. That said, avoid canon characters. Somebody else’s character in your story causes nothing but trouble.

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