Warriors are too OP?

Warriors are supposed to be hard hitters who can also take some hits in return, however from a gameplay perspective Warriors seem to be capable of travelling around the map much faster than the other two classes with their roll, not to mention their unparalleled levels of damage.

Hunter is the class supposed to do that, not Warriors, plus in most games Mages are the squishiest but possess the highest DPS, not Warriors. I feel that this early unbalanced class system can lead to many people opting for the same class, leading to lack of players in other classes later in the game.


Warriors aren’t necessarily OP. It is just that it is the most complete class. The only real OP thing is the potential for insane mobility, which is seemingly hard to patch as there’s always a new way for fast warrior transport. But I mean, they do have to walk all the way to the warrior stronghold for better gear unlike other classes atm.

Maybe Hunters could have better crowd control skills and mages have a fixed zap and it’ll be a bit more balanced?

Agree, but the issue is that hunters and mages just don’t have as good skills by a comparison. Hell, you could have the same weapon and the same intelligence as a warrior’s strength, and a fully upgraded magic bomb and it would flat out do significantly less damage than a lunge uppercut because it scales badly. My level 27 mage with high int and good gear does around 600-700 with a magic bomb while my warrior who’s level 30 with high strength and good gear does over 1000 damage with every lunge uppercut, sometimes 1100.

The only “complete” thing I see about Warrior class is their headgear and a HQ. What I’m talking about is their set of skills.

I feel that if each class had a default strength and weakness it would make it more like other RPGs. For example, if warriors had a default increased vitality and decreased dexterity because they are usually tanky and slow while hunters would have naturally increased dexterity and decreased strength. Which of course would mean mages would have an increased intelligence and decreased vitality because list Shadvox said, “Mages are the squishiest but possess the highest DPS”.

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The classes’ strengths and weaknesses will most likely be seen a lot easier when sub classes are released in the future.