Warrior Special Attack Sucks

I know the title is very blunt but it is the truth. When fighting monsters my normal attack does on average about 100 damage, but when using the special move (the sword smash thing) it does an average of about 60 damage, and that is at +3/5. its disappointing to see a move that takes 4 seconds and has a cool down of like 15 seconds only does a little over half of what a normal attack would. In the time that it takes to use the move, attacking normally would do x2-3x the damage than the special would do.

This moves damage at +1/5 should start at just above a normal attack and at +5 it should be doing at least 2-3x the amount of damage a normal attack would. i find this annoying because in many RPG games such as fantastic frontier or SB2, the specials are pointless because you can do just as much or more damage by simply attacking like normal, practically making the moves useless.

dw, im making sure that skills either revamped or replaced

we’re aware its trash atm

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For Me Personally The Ground Pound Does More Damage, So That Is Just Personal To You. As The Ground Pound’s Damage Scales Up With The More Damage You Do.

If You Are Doing The 60 Damage You Say You Do Then The System May Not Be Working Correctly.

Yeah, I think it does too little damage for the skill of a warrior, i’d expect it to do at least 1.5x your regular damage but that’s just me.