Warrior Skills Are Broken

Okay, So As I’m A Warrior I Have Uppercut Lunge And Ground Pound. However They Straight Up Don’t Work. No Matter What, I Can’t Use Them. If I’m Near An Enemy Can’t Use It. They Just Don’t Work. Even If I Drag The Skills Out Of The Hot Bar And Replace Them, They Still Don’t Work.

I’m Basically An Adventurer With Slightly Better Items. I Should Mention That Only The Combat Roll Works For Some Reason.

idk, must just be you man, it works for me and everybody else
must be like how you couldn’t fish in the demo but after a few hours you could do it

They both work for me just fine lol

They work completely fine for everyone except you. I use lunge uppercut every time I engage an enemy and not once has it not worked. The only thing I’ve noticed about the skills is that sometimes when using Ground Pound, I will get stuck at the spot for a couple seconds and cant move.

This bug report isn’t very helpful. Please try to include details such as error logs (press f9 to open console), details about how frequently it happens (was it just on one map, or nonstop since the update started?) and anything else you can think of.

Maybe you just haven’t put a point into the abilities yet? You can’t use them until you have a point in them.

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You Know F9 Doesn’t Open The Dev Console For Me. So It Doesn’t Really Help. Also It Is Literally Nonstop Since The Update. No Matter What I Do I Can’t Get Rid Of It. I.E. Map Changes, Resets, Skill Swaps And Rejoins. Also I Have 2 In Uppercut Lunge And 1 In Ground Pound.
Edit: I Literally Can’t Get The Dev Console, No Matter What I Can’t Get It. @berezaa What Am I Meant To Do?

Maybe some buttons don’t work on your keyboard? Everybody is able to use F9 to open dev console.

In The Demo I Can Use F9 For The Dev Console It Is Just That In The Alpha I’m Unable To Use It.

Maybe try doing “fn + F9”. It might work.

Shall Try It Right Away!

This Is The Only Error That I Can See That Corresponds To Me And What Is Happening. Hope This Helps.

Uhh, yikes!

Oof, rip