Warrior reset animation

When a warrior resets an animation plays where they get on their knees and impale themselves, like the Seppuku move Japanese warriors do @Davidii
just a small feature that some would find neat.
(Dont take this seriously lol)

so you want a suicide animation in the game

Basically, but dying with honor instead of falling on your stomach and poofing, I was thinking you do it then your character just poofs

no devs arent going to make roblox characters literally stab themselves

Yeah probably, just a neat idea I had

no it’s not really neat, you want suicide in vesteria through stabbing yourself to death that’s not something that should be on roblox

fair enough, dont gotta take a dump on a mans idea tho.

Good idea but like why just stay safe and dont reset?

its just for laughs, like if you were in colosseum and wanted to make a cool gif,

lmao ok

There is almost no need to reset in Vesteria, and this might make people angry because they think its “promoting suicide”

Ranger: “haha i steal all your loot”
Warrior: stabs himself


yeah true, but think about the memes

its funny but im not going to promote no suicide idea

ight, it was just an idea for laughs tbh, wasnt expected to be taken seriously

Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 12.01.47 PM Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 12.01.53 PM


Oh, and since this seems to be a suggestion (Reset animation)

Category changed to #gameplay-improvements:new-features

yeah but its not really a serious one oop

It’s not a category for big features only, its a new feature that you are requesting, small or big.


So I see everyone saying it’s suicide. Which is partially true. When Samurai’s disobeyed or felt they had no purpose they were given the choice to lay down their swords forever or commit Seppuku. Seppuku would involve a death poem that was read aloud to their remaining family/fellow Samurai. They would then stab themselves with no regret and draw the blade throughout their body. Someone else, usually their brother or close friend would then decapitate them with a swift stroke.

So no, no Seppuku pls.