Warrior new ability upper something

Kay so im a warrior main and i already pick warrior and currently at lvl 31 but it seems i cant spawn ye my slot 1 wont spawn in game when it spawn successfully it just teleported me somewhere cant move and dying all over all over again its infinite cycle so i gave up and used my slot 3 character and same happened guys fix it cuz im finding it hard to play again and my lvl 31 warrior pls fix it i really missed it already

There’s going to be a data wipe anyway next Saturday to remove all the exploited money
(shut up exploiters :angry:)

It Also Allows Everyone To Experience The Changes Since Week 12, When I Started Playing.

I started on the first data wipe

And Which Week Would That Be?

well im ok with the data wipe i can just start all over again GRINDING WONT STOP

The Grinding Train Shall Never Slow Down.