Warrior, Mage, and Hunter. Clarification On The Jobs

I’m confused. I know Warrior is supposed to be the tank with moderate damage. I don’t know if Mage or Hunter is supposed to do more damage. Is Mage more of an AOE attacker and Hunter is just single target most DPS? Will Hunter or Mage be doing more damage once Mage gets buffed. It would be cool if this were told in game as well.

Hunter to me is like a rouge type class. speedy, high DPS.
Mage is to me in the support class but in Vesteria Mage is underpowered/broken

In most typical RPG games,

Warriors are usually the Frontline attackers (High health, high defense, medium damage)
Mages are usually the backline damage dealers with low health and def (Glass cannons)
Hunters (Assassins/Thieves/Rogues) are usually the burst damage dealers (High DPS, High Attack Speed and Crit chance, and low Health and Def)

In Vesteria, depending on your stat build, It’s very possible to mix and match those roles together. For example, a Warrior can choose to build Dex and Str in order to Attack harder and Crit more but end up with lower health than a Warrior that builds only Str and Vit. Later on when Subclasses are added, I foresee a bunch of different builds popping up.

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The truth is, all of the factions will be able to fill all the roles. (atleast i assume)
You’re not stuck onto a role just because of the faction you chose, but instead the spellbooks you choose.
The first spellbooks for mage are gonna be cleric (support), sorcerer (damage dealer), and warlock (tank).
I assume you’ll get stuff like a berserker damage dealing spellbook for warrior, so eventually you’ll get stuff like warlock mage playing the tank while a berserker warrior would be a damage dealer.




@Polymorphic Im a warrior but I dont know If i should be upgrading my intelligence to at least 10 do warriors need to upgrade intelligence to have better magic moves? Like the sword slam move and some of the others? Because in intelligence it says Increases effectiveness of magic moves or something.

Warriors only need strength currently., but it’s going to be nerfed soon. Idk how its going to be nerfed, but strength affects damage for melee skills and vitality will also become essential if strength physical resistance does get nerfed.

Wait so why wouldn’t warriors need Vit or Dex those are very useful for warriors.

vitality is vit, I assume you meant int, for int its mainly for mages and if warrior does get a subclass of around magical attacks, that subclass will probably require int, but right now, warrior doesnt need any int. Dex is another issue, dex gives dodge, stamina, and critical hit, warriors could use dex but the way warriors usually work in games is that they just use skills and melee attack while classes like thiefs/hunters/rogues/assassins require on dex to play. If warriors just get vitality/strength then they dont necessarily need to dodge attacks or crit more often as there basic attack is going to be doing alot of damage and they will be able to tank hits instead of having a high dex and being dropped when one of the attacks hits you instead of missing and then being forced to drink potions.

Now do you think they will ever add a option to erase your save data ?

No clue, but eventually options to buy more saves will be added for robux. If it matters for you that much you could always go on a different roblox account and just buy the game again.

Yah but there should always be an option to delete your save data its kind of a thing every game has.

Well I don’t know, either way this question doesn’t apply for this forum comment section.