Warrior HQ (analysis)

Just warning you, this will be a long one, but it will probably be worth the read since I have a lot of info for you guys!
the first leak we got over a month ago!


the pictures in this tweet show a forest path with an autumn style in mind. as we follow the path the road becomes snowier and snowier until the ground is completely filled with snow. this will probably be the path to the warrior HQ since I don’t think they would put enemies inside the warrior HQ itself (this will probably be the place where you will be able to find the boars probably…).
EDIT : this area turns out to be called “the redwood pass” as pointed out by @YujiPlayz and it will connect the Warrior HQ with the enchanted forest in some way (or the farmlands)

the next leak showcases the snow particles that we will be able to see while running through the snowy:

snow particles

forest! https://twitter.com/PlayVesteria/status/1042885240140656641

next up on the chopping block is the castle!


as shown in this tweet: https://twitter.com/sk3let0/status/1048015274933284864 the castle is on the top of the mountain (remember the path from before? yeah this is it now, feel old yet.)
the first two images are the outside of the castle (the first one is daytime and the second one is night time) (this area will probably be filled to the brim with NPCs)
in the 3rd picture, we see the entrance to the castle plus some rooftops

this final leak came out only a day ago and is still somewhat fresh

Castle but its a video

this tweet showcases the outside area of the castle plus the surrounding area around the castle: https://twitter.com/sk3let0/status/1049825298533904384
to the left of Sk3let0n, we can see a snowy forest + a river?
to the right of Sk3let0n, we can see the outside look of the castle
at the 6th second, we can see some kind of a shack + what seems to be a guard tower (you know what that means, even more, guards! yay)
and of course, we can’t forget the fact that the way into is to cross the amazing built bridge

I made this to show some of the little things you might have missed or forgotten since in the next update we are getting a new area and from what it looks like it will be the warrior HQ + the path that leads to it!

I worked hard on this so I hope you can spare a poor man a like :))

EDIT 2: I seem to have forgotten one tiny thing… this gif showcases the castle and the surrounding areas in even greater detail… https://gyazo.com/24e55336e8f194b0e626b1706814ac40
in this leak approx. during the middle of the gif, we can see some sort of port popping up for a split second + the underneath of the bridge and how the river is going under it. we can also see the inside of the castle if only briefly.

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Anything Warrior Related Is Fine In My Book!

I believe that the first two are from the Redwood Pass, an area that is already in the game. It is connected to the farm area. (I forgot what it is called)

It Is Called Farmlands, If You Mean The Farm Area.