Warrior Combat Roll +Skills Glitch 🔧 Please Fix!

This may now happen. https://gyazo.com/1227d2fd33a129b0293d2023fed82c4b It’s by combining all Warrior skills. Shift + W + Space + Combat Roll > Ground Pound > Lunge Uppercut
https://gyazo.com/e226e82e7c072175ad071e0268606903 And https://gyazo.com/33cb636af6e71fca6405e4eb4ab3364b And https://gyazo.com/287f2629c8077888590dccc2bc49c73b

Looks Interesting…

Also Extremely Overpowered.

I already reported this to the devs through DMs

and yes, this is extremely op but not game breaking

I noticed that we basically can double jump by jumping and using ground pound lol

Safe to say, Mushtown is now the funnest place to try the roll.

I edited my post and added more gifs
feel free to feat your eyes upon the mistakes

You should try that on a mushroom. Its pretty fun getting launched across the map.

I know what faction I’m joining now

Which Faction Are You Joining?

any you folks said warriors suck and now you think warriors are cool

dude why did you do that now the devs are gonna patch it noo dammit now the glitch wil be patched

Abusing It Would Potentially Get Them Banned…

i we wont abuse it we will only use it when the travel is longer and will take you a long time to get to your destination and how the hell can u use that in battle i didnt even have my uuper lounge yet its not on my skills

That Would Still Count As Abusing As You Can Shorten Travel Times By Doing Some Thing You Aren’t Supposed To.

but tis not abuse at all mages have teleport and hunters idk if they have a mobility skill the point is just idk add mounts and fix the bug that makes my character die die die all over again again and again

Mages Are Meant To Have Teleport. That Glitch Isn’t Meant To Be In The Game.