Warrior Abilities

In my opinion, the warrior abilities are very useless in terms of grinding. I know its not supposed to have a (are we allowed to cuss on here?) of splash damage but the moves are garbage for grinding. Also i think it would be really cool if there was a warrior stun move.

no.1 uhhh i don’t think so we allowed to cuss becuz i don’t see anybod y cus no.2 lol warriors moves aren’t that great but r okay in my opinion no.3 stun move good idea :+1:

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lunge uppercut is good for killing giant mobs (and its pretty good in general)

Lunge uppercut is amazing for grinding lmao what.
But ground pound sucks, animation time should be much quicker, maybe you just slug your sword over your head and into the ground quickly or something

Lunge Uppercut is great for farming. I instantly one shot Spiders with it. Ground pound is useful when surrounded by 3 or more mobs but the animation takes too long, and sometimes I get stuck in place for a couple seconds after using it. Mages have it wayyy worse than us Warriors.

you can attack during the ground pound animation