Warning theres a corrupt mod in discord named *David*

There is a mod called david whos ethier kicking people or banning people left and right for no apperent reason, whats so ever. I littearly got banned for 10 days apprently, and all i did was trying to tell an exploiter to stop exploiting cause i’d ruin the fun for the others. he’s also deleting most peoples messages to to cover his track. So i’t can’t be used againts him. You guys really need to get rid mods like him or it’s seriosuly going to hurt the community in a whole.

I am not in the secret channel, but I can tell them man in a not a good one. I’d go ahead and contact Berezaa, directly.

you know what is fun? taking a thing that happened on discord and posting it here!
that totally won’t bring down the atmosphere and spiral the problem out of control.

yes, it’s unfair that you got banned on the discord server but don’t post that negativity here on the forums.
the forums are its own little place and its in no way connected to the discord server so do us a favour and try to keep this thing private and not make it public. (I might be too late on that last part xd)

He’s just trying to warn the community. No need to berate him about it. Although, it would be better to message the Devs directly.

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I just think he/they should keep it bit more… private…

‘‘warning’’ us is fine but I would appreciate if they kept it amongst themselves to not stir up the community

I have messaged to devs directly, i’m just saying if you see that idiot online in discord just go inactive less you wan’t to get the risk of getting banned for just chatting

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