Warlock Unholy Magic

Note: This also relates to balancing subclasses (Feedback Balancing/Meta)
Clerics, a holy subclass which uses the power of Vesra as opposed to dark magics. They have an advantage besides the fact that they can heal pretty quickly. I’m sure lots of people have been requesting different magic attack colors, but this really relates to a magic boost. You see, clerics have a confirmed 10% damage boost and a 20% magic bomb radius buff. However, warlocks are simply left with the default magic color.

Warlocks, however, have no damage boost. They also use a power of a god, Terul. But, we don’t get any boost or magic attack color. I’ll try to make this brief but clerics are generally more powerful and it doesn’t make much sense, considering they were made to be more of a support role. Now, I understand that sometimes support roles need a damage boost, but I mean, just look at dark pulse. It does less than magic bomb with a larger cooldown. Warlocks need a little buff in that area, but a magic bomb buff would still be greatly appreciated. To all the people who say we can one hit moglos and moglokos, using one ability can get annoying.

What I’m Requesting

  • A different color for magic attacks, e.g., magic bomb, thundercall

Most likely necessary

  • Damage Boost
  • Magic Bomb Radius Boost
    I guess that’s really it, maybe a dark pulse buff, :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading my suggestion.

It was confirmed by Berezaa that he does not want to clone Holy Magic for the other mage classes. If they have a perk, it would be different.

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I wish the black magic color stayed