Warlock/Sorcerer Ability Idea

With all this talk of sub-classes, I’m a little surprised people haven’t been throwing out ideas for their abilities.

I have an idea for the Mage subclasses, probably more towards Warlocks but it could potentially fit for Sorcerers too, seeing that they are glass cannons. There’s already a “Regeneration” ability, where one spends MP to have a sweet life regeneration. Why not offer the vice versa, using your HP as a resource for your MP?

Warlocks are users of dark magic, and in the lore of the concept of Warlocks and Necromancy; using life as a resource to allow for more magic potential sounds just like the dark concept that they have. This could also fit for sorcerers being glass cannons and able to inflict even more damage, but it doesn’t really match the flavor of the subclass.

What are your thoughts on this? What class should it go into (if any at all, it could just be another adventurer skill), how exactly should the ability work, or is it just a dumb idea altogether?

Well, like I said before with my class quests; earn them.

“The trainer looks at you from top to bottom, ‘What business have you?’ ‘I wish to become a warlock,’ The warlock laughs and raises his hand as if to say ‘Begone, I have nothing to teach a mere student of feeble magic.’”

The abilities of any class and subclass ultimately will just aesthetically make them pleasing, but you’ll find that you should do roughly the same amount of damage with any class, given that you don’t want an OP class or subclass. E.g., Paladins have a healing ability but it isn’t a 100% heal, it’s a certain amount of HP points heal, there’s still a CD, and obviously since it costs MP that would mean in combat those MP have to be used wisely.

I also think that you are having a bit of trouble mixing the identities of the subclasses of Mage. Mage could perhaps be the first stepping stone to becoming a powerful Warlock, or a powerful Sorcerer, or a powerful Cleric. There is one problem I think exists: Cleric does not suit the identity of a Mage. You could argue that the identities have barely been even established, and I agree, though the fact the Cleric will be Holy does not suit the fact Mages never had anything to do with the Light.

Make it so The HP you take is from your aponent where its a life drain, it drains the opponents life for MP but it return the the person who cast it kills that person and has a cooldown on that ability untill 2 mins go by, because that move would be insane a one shot kill every 5 seconds thats a no no unless the user you use it on has 10 points in int then you and if they have it equal or higher it doesnt kill them but does dmg to them for MP.

yikes, 6 months off

and mages have never had anything to do with darkness either, so whats your point? both the cleric and warlock have magic. thats the relation.