Warlock Skill tree / revamp

So I asked berezaa about warlock remake and it seems pretty solid so I’ll just state what I know for sure atm

Summons of which use chains to pull enemies closer, not exactly sure if they do damage but chances are they probably do, he wasn’t sure if it’d be zombies or ghost though but he definently hated simulacrum shadow construct with a passion. He also said there’d be like shadow bullets of some sort that they can shoot out, so these are moves I believe could add on to that. These summons are also planned to be sentient and attack and move on their own, with their own hp bar and yes mobs target and will attack them.

-Spectral shot: a simple attack low mana cost and low damage, shoot a fiery orb with souls emanating around it at an opponent slowing them down. (Drains stamina if against another player)

  • Leech Ghoul: Release a spirit/ghoul like blast that explodes on impact draining both stamina and hp and dealing medium damage (this is pretty much life steal mage bomb) this of course will start somewhat slow but get faster the more you upgrade it.

  • Essence Burst: Explode or remove on of your Summons too regain hp that you’ve lost, this is of course just a better version of dark ritual but would be very mana consuming.

-Summon: (base with 1 AP in it) you create a single summon that deals small too medium basic damage that will attack and help you on your own, but the more mobs you kill the more summons are made automatically after making 1 summon, too put it simply every kill creates a other summon which is of course capped depending on level that skill is, and drains a bit of mana every summon you create, if you have no mana left the summon wont be made even if you have the kill. I believe a cap for when you completely max out this skill would be around 5 - 6 summon and of course attack and hp would scale with this and when you use one of the other moves it’ll try to copy you by using chains to lock down or being opponents closer to you or just stun them. (They will instinctively hoard around you and shield you when your health is below 25-20%)

And this is just my concept for it, I had to look up alot just to get these ideas and try to come up with something original yet sticking to the basis for a Necromancer class that all Rpg’s have

I hope this becomes a reality! Amazing Idea!!!

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Thanks :flushed:

Not a bad idea although I hope that the warlock rework doesn’t ruin strength mages.

oooooooooooooooooh !!!