Warlock questions

ok havent been on vesteria for the fattest minute to exist. active during early vesteria, somewhat active a few months ago, and then completely dead for like the 4th time. returning again with some questions

I have a warlock (apparently, didnt know i made one lol) and i have no idea what stats to build in the current meta. any ideas? what equips do i go for (since now whispering dunes or smtn is out??)? and rn, is warlock even good? im having fun with it but im doing relatively low damage, tho i am only lvl 31 so its to be expected.

additional questions i have, but no need to answer:
are any quests specifically worth doing for any items or anything? same for chests ^^
where do i level at 10-20 :frowning:
any other stamina increasing things besides boots?
and finally, what is a relatively easy way to farm money? not looking for the best method or anything, but any quick method for easy profit?

thanks in advance and im glad to be back ^^

  1. You can be a warmage, put 70% of ur stats in STR and 15 in VIT and INT (This is not a good idea but its very fun) If you dont want to be a warmage put all ur stats in INT and VIT (Put 10 in DEX because of stamina boost)
  2. Yes lost palace quest and the cheese shards quest. Lost palace quest gives you one of the following: Terul’s Talon (Dagger) Vesra’s Eviscerator (Warrior weapon) Astrologist scepter (Mage weapon) and the cheese shard quest gives you a barrel of water and a weapon of your choice (Sword, shield, staff or dagger)
  3. Sewers (Bats) they have terrible aim as long as it doesnt OHKO you you should be fine
  4. Aviator cap (If you want to know how to get it look at MemesterLii’s guide here)
  5. Grind stingtails, they drop stingtail staffs which sell for 374 silver at shops or grind guardians they have 100% chance of dropping guardian cores which sell for 1s
    Sorry my english is bad if you cant understand this tell me i will try to simplify it

guardian cores sell for 1s not 1g

Typo sorry

Strength Mages: The Extra Updated Guide this is a fun build and is made by a cool person

but keep this in mind Strength blink doesn't scale up in damage properly
(dont know if fixed yet)

  1. If you’re wanting to do tons of damage, put points into STR and INT at a 2:1 ratio, first 10 in DEX for Stamina boost.
  2. Mississippi Bones Quest for Astrologist’s Staff (even if you don’t use it, it’s a good weapon nonetheless)
  3. IDK (I farmed Scarecrows, but that was before EXP updates (making mobs give more and more EXP required to lvl up)
  4. Aviator’s Cap (chest in Redwood Pass, it’s a Golden Chest near the peak)
  5. Grind Guardians in the Colosseum.

tyty all for the nice feedback ;O

Id suggest 30 STR 10 DEX rest INT, or 10 DEX and rest INT

Skills: 1 Dark Ritual, 5 Dark Pulse, 10 Pillage Vitality, 4 Simulacrum. While leveling, prioritize getting 1 point in Simulacrum, Dark Ritual, and Pillage Vitality. After that, max Pillage

For weapon Chitin Scythe would be better imo since Pillager is literally the same as stars