Warlock Pillage Still Broken

"Rewrote the ability system so that the player casting an ability no longer needs to wait for a response from the server. This means that actions such as firing Multi Bomb or using Pillage Vitality will have consistent wait times regardless of your latency. This should also fix a lot of cases of character freezing that existed. "

This seems to have worked perfectly usually, but I seem to still experience the same problems with the simulacrum. When the simulacrum is out, I’ve experienced cast times that are just as slow, and sometimes the cast is skipped altogether, which is ironically a godsend so I can take away my simulacrum.

I’ve also been experiencing issues with the mana bomb, where it will sometimes just not cast at all.
(No reliable information yet, will do more experimentation)

There are a few errors in the dev log, but they never resurfaced after they appeared once, after I already opened it. (image below)

I’m extremely grateful that pillage vitality was somewhat fixed, and I hope that this can be completely fixed as well as possible.

Thanks for reading this,