Warlock passive idea

I feel that warlock is definitely missing something in its class and I think this cool passive might add some more joy in playing this character.

This passive will use the simulacrum move.
You just need a grave to perform this move.

So how it works is if someone dies you summon your simulacrum right on there dead body and it will
possess their dead body making it imposable for a cleric to revive them.

Once there body is possessed it will float around u in a creepy way like there being hanged and their
health bar will increase the more you level up your simulacrum But will still base the health of the
original player.

They will stay possessed forever unless of course, they take dmg and die.

How they would attack is based on what warlock moves you use if you use Pillage Vitality and your
possessed character had lost some health, the health will go to him first and it will go to you and there
attack will be the normal Copy Pillage Vitality. If u use a dark pulse it also does the same move.
Lastly, the best move it uses is your simulacrum itself just aim your mouse and activate your
simulacrum and it will do a move that goes along with the class you possessed Ex: if you possessed a
hunter, it would shoot arrows in that direction, if u used a mage it would shoot a mage bomb towards
where u aimed, and lastly if its a warrior they ground slam (which u might have to get close to use).

Conclusion I just thought about this and thought hmm that would be something really cool that can be added to Warlock as a passive.

Pretty sure there was gonna be a passive where above 20% of a warlock’s hp he cannot be killed. Life essence will probably be obtained after killing a player which in testing realm summoned a level 8 zombie npc. The description states “stolen from a warlock” and not obtained from a warlock which shows something not clear

Yea but i think this is cooler.
Still thanks for letting me know!

Might be cool for the necromancer subclass mastery title that warlock will get at level 50.

I think this would be much more fitting for a cleric resurrect ability variant though. Not entirely sure how you’d get it. Might be better off for warlocks anyway.

When used on a corpse, the death penalty is halved rather than being outright removed, and it instead summons the player’s spirit to fight on completely immortal beyond death until a certain time period where they get sent back to their home city.

If the mob that killed them dies, the money and experience lost due to the death penalty is refunded.

Oh, and the player gets to control the spirit.

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Oh i just thought of something better if you posses them you take halve there money that they would of lost but i still want them to loos there normal xp and money because i like the idea a cleric about to res someone then a warlock was like NOPE and possesses them.

What if warlock just COLLECTS the life essence from fallen enemies via pillage on tombs and then can use it to summon the lvl 8 zombies in testing realm

wait what, this would be CERTAINLY great for trolling

Good idea.

maybe if the copy was controled by the person that died