Warlock Idea for Bereeza

I saw berezaa say that he wanted to Give warlock chains so here’s my suggestion, Remove Dark pulse and replace it with “Soul Bond” which basically would replace the mesh of the dark energy around your feet with a cool chain and would give you immunity to all status effects, like Webbed Bow Stun for example, Burn, etc. This would also effect the party as well.

I figured this would be the best way to make warlock somewhat party meta while retaining its theme of domination and control.

It could also have a skull symbol over the head of the player that cast it like how knights gets a little shield over their head when they cast inspire.

idea below isn’t part of the actual suggestion just an idea
This could also allow for stat class changes since I saw your ideas in mushtown about but and davidii’s about having 4 sub classes oer faction for each stat so instead how about stats effect each subclass drastically when you max each stat (147). Warlock could become more summoner and support based at full DEX creating somewhat of a shaman class type whilst cleric could become more attack orientated with full INT this would also change the moves appearance and properties a bit. Capture _2020-02-12-23-06-17

The soul bond idea is cool. One twist I would like to see if that it grants health to party members but at a cost. That ritual warlocks use that takes hp but gives mana takes hp from everyone who is connected, but you get more mana. Also, if one person dies, everyone else loses whatever hp they have. Say you soul-bounded with a ranger. They have 1000hp. You have 2000hp. If they die, you lose 1000hp as well. This also applies to healing moves such as regenerate. Also, you can bond with anyone to use as a trap card kind of move.

Fighting a ranger? Bond with them. They spray you down, you lose hp but so do they.

Pros of using it: Any healing through abilities you get is shared. No status effects for anyone who is linked in, can be used offensively

Cons of using it: Any hp lost applies to every member,

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I’ll become max vit warlock gang


Berezaa said at 120 Vit warlocks might get blood mage mode which increases all moves power and changes them red, dunno if it’s gonna actually be in game tho. They just said it in mushtown

Yeah, I love doing things like that, turning the foes’ uber-weapons back on them.

Why not make Warlocks have a similar perk to Clerics, since their magic both come form deities they should have a form of the same perk

Yeah makes sense, I don’t see why they wouldn’t have a similar perk

You know that the Holy Magic Cleric perk is getting removed, right?

Oh, didn’t know that.

Besides the idea has already been voiced and shut down by bere