Want the video star egg?

I found a game that gives you the video star egg and I got a vip server for it, if you want that.

video star egg vip server link: https://www.roblox.com/games/483878848/VIDEO-STAR-EGG-EVENT-Kavras-Roleplay-Area?privateServerLinkCode=Ouc7OhSwTmAPKomlXiHTq9uhwNa2NESK

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Thanks. Man that area is giving me serious nostalgia. Egg Hunt 2018, man that was the best.

yeah, egg hunt 2018 was great. this egg hunt isn’t bad imo though.

Can you give me the Eggmin? Where are you? Gib link

ill take an egg

gib eggmin :^0

ok, send me a friend request then join my game, my roblox user is 123giggiboo. or just join me. @a-ah @will @DoctorPoppins

Ohhh the Nostalgia.

God I wish I could fuse accounts to get my old accounts 2018 and 2017 Eggs. :weary: I feel that I missed out on something, but I didn’t. D:

Hey gamer can you hit me up with the admin egg because that would be so epic.

It says to check my connection, and can’t join.

nvm I’m in join me.

Thank you for your service, sir.

Hello Kind Sir Me And My Friends Would Like The Eggmin And Video Star Egg May We Arrange A Time To Meet In A Game.

I’m ready whenever, might have to go soon though. I’ll be gone for the rest of today unless I’m on later in the evening.

Can You Join My Game I’m In right now?

I’m assuming your roblox username is your forums username?

Yes It Is

says you’re in pick a side.

Yes That Is Correct

bump because you might be able to get the video influencer egg from that game still.

i want eggmin