Wanna Eat Or Fish With Me?

So I Was Able To Find The Wooden Fishing Pole From A Golden Chest And I Started Fishing.

Anyone Want To Fish Or Even Eat With Me?

where did you find this?

Try Getting In A Server With Me :stuck_out_tongue:

in what server are you?

You Are “artkilers” Right? If So I Saw You.

yup i am

You Can Just Join Me I Believe.

I’m Unable To Catch Fish After Catching 10 Of Them. I Don’t Know Why, But Devs Please Fix.
I Just Want To Go Fishing With My Friends. :frowning:

Update 2:
I Tried Fishing From The Top Of The Bridge And Was Unable To Whilst Others Were Able To.
I Had To Reset Since I Got Stuck. Now I Am Unable To Even Do The Fishing Animation. My Fishing Pole Won’t Work!
I’ve Got A Fishing Pole Which Won’t Work! Please Devs Fix!

Update 3:
I Decided To Rejoin The Game, I Am Able To Use My Fishing Pole Now. However I Still Can’t Get Fish. I Just Wait A Long Time Yet I Still Don’t Get A Fish.

@Nofearon or @Phoenix can one of you help me getting into this game today maybe, I only know it’s Vesteria and an RPG…

What Do You Mean Help You Get Into The Game?

Like how everything works and such… idk

yes hello join this game and play it for yourself its more fun that way :wink:

best way to learn is by doing it yourself
i hope you have fun!

Okay but if I have any questions I’ll ask you :wink:

be sure to do so

Update 4:
As I Was Fishing I Decided To Swap Weapons. I Went From The Fishing Pole To The Oak Axe. At The Time, I Still Had The Fishing Animation Going, Without Catching Fish, But Had An Axe Out And Was Able To Swing. I Decided To Stop Fishing By Switching To The Fishing Pole And Undo The Animation. Now I Can’t Even Use The Fishing Pole Again.

I found that it’s very picky about where you can fish at and what will work.

Nothing to do with this post but your profile picture is soooOOOooOOOoOOoo cuuuteeee :heart_eyes: