Wait... what? Someting is terribly wrong here... right?

Who is playing lol

The Devs Said They Wouldn’t Shut The Game Down, So Multiple People Are Just Auto-Clicking To Stay In.

wait when did it close?

Sometime When You Were Probably Asleep.

it cant be that because I went to sleep and woke up and it was still open.

You Must Have An Odd Sleeping Schedule As It Was Open When I Went Asleep But Closed When I Woke Up.

when did you wake up?
I fell asleep around 12:40 pm

I Went Off At 10:45 And Woke Up ~7:30.

I woke up at 6:00

Bro are you insomniac? How did you survive with only 5 hours 20 mins of sleep lmao, i need 8-9

Have fun in high school

Lmao, thanks for the heads up, time to get used to coffee…

Summone post haec mortuus est