Volcano area idea

-Would have ground that emits embers and is a sort of gray grass color
-Lava pools in many areas
-Burning and dead trees everywhere
-Lots of obsidian (purple) rocks and normal rocks, some of which will spawn golems (specified below)
-Lots of caves filled with lava and treasure chests
-Raid boss cave in the center
-Very flat, but with a lot of cracks and chasms in the ground that lead to massive pools of lava at the bottom. These cracks and chasms get more and more rare as you get near the middle, with the middle having almost completely flat landscape and the outer areas of the biome being almost all lava.

-Obsidian Golem: Normal rock golem with quadruple the health and a level req. of 40 or above, can send shockwaves of rock towards the player
-Rock Golem: Whatever the devs decide it to be
-Magma Eel: Spawns in lava lakes occasionally and spits lava at players. Only killable via ranged attacks, as trying to melee it will result in you falling in lava.

Items Found
-Rock helmet: vanity item that makes your head a rock.
-Fiery Sword: Raid boss drop that can be used by all classes. Has a 5% chance to spawn homing fireballs with each swing. If elemental weaknesses and strengths are ever added, this will deal fire damage.
-Obsidian charm: Provides immunity to the fire debuff inflicted by fire enemies.

Raid Boss: Magma Golem
-Drops LOTS of weapon scrolls and a fiery sword for each player as well as 100+ gold per player.
-Health scales based on amount of players fighting.

-Lunges at the player it is aggro’d on every 10-20 seconds, dealing massive contact damage if it hits and inflicting the Fire debuff, which deals 10 health a second for 5 seconds.
-Shoots a fire ball out of each hand (two fireballs), which home in on random players until it either has been in existence for 10 seconds or until it hits an object / player. If either of these things happen, the fireball will explode violently dealing 100 AOE damage to any player within the vicinity of the blast, and 200 contact damage to any player it hits.
-Slams the ground really hard every time a tenth of its health is taken away, spawning 2-3 obsidian golems out of the ground.
-At half health, the golem will increase damage and movement speed.
-At the last 10th of its health, the golem will increase damage again and the fire debuff it inflicts will now last 20 seconds instead of 5.
-Breathes fire on players if they get within range at a 1% chance each second, dealing the Fire debuff and 20 AOE damage.

Looks like:
-Massive obsidian golem, but with lava inbetween the obsidian and fire coming out of its eyes instead of the normal yellow glow. Drips lava from its feet, leaving a pool of lava that does no damage under itself every time the foot hits the ground. Again, purely cosmetic.
-Gives of fire particles on its hands, eyes, and the top of its head.

Good ideas?

I believe a post like this has been made before.

Yes it was, but it wasn’t very descriptive or as descriptive as this.

Pretty good ideas!

All I gotta say is - neat.