The upper class has SEIZED #sneaky-peeks!
While some people have already leaked them to me, this is still quite unfair!
We must have LA REVOLUTION!
Starting with memes by this cool guy right here: @Mateomckee

the french-vesterian revolution has started, call the troops we gotta chop some heads with moko clubs


here starts the resistance

“THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN!” ~Korg yo i found this also this

i hope they dont go ahead of theirselves

Ok like honestly though, the devs are starting to make too much stuff p2w im really hoping they dont go any further

consider myself your leader against the pay to win, @Maturebrowl is too calm for resistance

We the people of Vesteria do not need any uncivil revolutions like the french revolution instead we should all start the communist revolution and rise up against Tsar berezaa

Hey, don’t talk about me like that!


Is the best leader of the revolution imo

no, I’m better than my brother!
also yes, #VesterianRevolution

We must cut all of their heads off.

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No cake stops the revolution!
We need sneaky peeks, not heads!

Mm. I like cake.

Post all sneaky peeks you find here

shush, bro!

sneaks are a vesterians vesterian right

David is probably the spy in the uppper classes and Berezaa is our real target. Poly and Skeleton’s affiliations are probably unknown as of right now.

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