Vitality Buff/Rework and Improvement Idea


From my experience, the vitality stat is pretty bad when compared to other stats. When I first started playing Vesteria and saw the options for subclasses I thought it would be fun to play both a DPS class and a Tank class as a secondary…that was until I found out that there isn’t really a way to become “tanky.”

I currently work on my info trello, and looked through the statistics for every stat point allocated into Vitality and found that it doesn’t offer a lot and the perks only really offer idle regeneration or better regen on consumption. Don’t get me wrong though, I believe some of the perks are actually quite useful if you consider that this is a stat for survivability and max HP.

Current Vitality Stats and Perks and My Idea

In my opinion, each perk currently for Vitality is not useless, however, not all are useful. For example, I believe that these perks could be changed or upgraded in someway to make putting all your points into vitality worth it:

Let’s start with stats:

These are the current benefits for vitality up to 70 VIT. After 70 VIT you get a buff of only 350 to your overall max HP.

How I would go about improving this is doubling the amount of max HP you get by 10 so that after 70 VIT get a buff of 700 added to your overall max HP while also getting either +1 to your defense every 5 VIT or 10 VIT to improve survivability. I’m not saying its a must to improve defense that way, but it would be nice to even have a perk to increase your defense which would increase survivability.

Now onto perks:

While this is a good idea in theory, this perk becomes obsolete later in the game as clerics become more viable as a healer/support class. If the idea behind this perk was to assist those early game mechanics and questing then I see this not having to change at all, however, if the idea behind perks was to buff your character overall, then I see this needing to be changed. In my opinion the Rejuvenation perk would be better placed here.

I see no improvements here and see this as a viable perk, my only opinion is to put this in the place of Regeneration+.

I see this as an excellent perk that currently needs no changes.

Unfortunately, I just see this perk as an absolute waste of a perk. It’s nice to have this perk in mind and seems good in theory, but it is just not viable and does not prove to be effective. I’d rather just use my consumables to heal than to sit next to a campfire with this perk being so far into the progression of VIT, it just does not seem worth it at all. This is the perk i’d give that defense buff to.

Currently, this perk in my opinion isn’t used to its full potential. If you are a knight and are planning to be a tank, and if we had those options to be tanky and have lots of HP and can take the damage, this would be the greatest and most worth perk of all of them for a tank.

I think this perk is also excellent, however I would like to see how long this actually lasts for. I would hope it lasts long as it would make a very viable perk.

Now, what would I do for the last perk since I practically removed one in my ideas?
Why not another perk similar to unstoppable but you take less damage after using a consumable? that’s what I think would make a pretty dang good last perk for having 70 VIT.


Kinda hard to put all the thoughts I had here, especially without the visuals I used but here we go.

Rework the VIT stat by putting in a DEF buff either through perks or potentially every 5 to 10 stat points allocated into VIT. Rework perks to be more rewarding and tank focused to go along with the idea of survivability.

Lastly, regardless if you read the TLDR or the entire post, thank you for taking the time to read this.

If you have any comments please leave a reply to the post, i’d love to hear your thoughts!

Do you mean ‘doubling the amount of max up you get to 10’?

You get 5HP per point allocated into VIT, I was saying that the 5HP should be 10HP instead so that you get 10HP every point allocated into VIT. Hope this helps you understand my point! If you have any other questions let me know!

I agree that vitality needs a lot of work. Potions are just to good, and the Vitality stat is just too bad. I really like the idea of making the health boost 10 instead of 5, and adding some defense every 2-5 points. But I think it needs a bit more. First of all, I think there should be some addition called critical resistance that decreases critical damage. I know, it sounds kinda dumb, but you get 20-30% crit chance mixed with ranger stance, and critical damage becomes a serious consideration. It would be a rarer stat boots than a normal defense, every 5-8 points or so.
The Regeneration perk for Adventure’s is just that; a perk for Adventure’s. The skill only gives 70+ HP when maxed (5 skill points), and the stat boost only pushes it up to 87 HP (yes i can do math), so it should be used only early in the game and stay as the first perk.
I agree that Hearth is useless. If it was me, I’d get rid of Hearth, and push Consumer back to it’s place. Then I would put a boost for decreasing critical damage, probably at 70 stat points. This would have to be a higher boost, because of the importance of it, but not as high as decreasing all damage.

In short, Vitality needs to become both a health-based stat, along with a defense stat. Dexterity and Strength are both attack stats for hunters and warriors, and Intelligence is a attack for mages. Vitality needs to have more defense capabilities so players can choose to be a tank,a glass cannon, or a mixture. You people can argue that there are tanky builds, but I will ask, what are they? The only really tanky build out there is the Knight; and not everyone wants to be a warrior. Of course, the Knight is a buffed tank, but there should be more defensive capabilities for other builds, not just attacking. If vitality is just buffed to have more healing perks, it really won’t be that much better.

Thank you for reading!! Please reply with any suggestion that you have!

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I see where you’re coming from!

When you are talking about the decrease of critical damage, do you mean negate critical hits altogether or just lower the damage of a critical hit?

In my personal opinion I think this would only be an effective PvP perk either way as I don’t think mobs can hit critical hits, or I just haven’t seen one personally.

When I was making this idea, my thought process was basically asking myself, “How can vitality improve as a stat to provide better perks and more of a reason to invest into the stat while also not breaking the game by being too overpowered?”

In my opinion, the two worst perks are Regeneration+ and Hearth. I still don’t know if the developers meant for Regeneration+ to be specifically meant for early-game or not. If it was meant for that reason alone, then I would understand keeping that.

Overall, i’m glad you agree with the majority of this idea and it makes me happy you offered your own and had some critiques on my idea! I really appreciate the reply and hope you understand where i’m coming from!

Edit: fixed a small grammar mistake

I was figuring that the crit defense would just decrease the damage, not block it altogether, otherwise it would be kinda over powered. Yes, it would just be for pvp, but that is why Vitality should defend against all damage anyways.
I see regeneration as a early game skill at the moment, seeing how much health it gives, so a early game perk from Vitality would make sense as well.
I totally understand were you are coming for. I like how you thought about the perk; my thoughts were similar, just based on what you had already put on the table (copy cat, ik :blush: ). This is a great game, but most builds are glass canon builds, and vitality is just too weak at the moment to counter those players.

I agree with the builds, my knight builds STR, my ranger builds STR, both of them have only 5 DEX and thats the only other stat I have.

I don’t know how to view Regeneration+ currently, because even in early game you only really need to use HP consumables, which would heal you for more rather than use the Regeneration ability. Though I would be hypocritical because I used Regeneration throughout a good portion of early-game.

Personally, I just think of Regeneration+ as still an iffy perk because if you compare it to other 5 stat perks like Heavy Slash on strength which gives 1.2x damage to double slash. It just genuinely appears to be a sub-par perk and potentially a wasted perk like Hearth.

I get what you mean by crit defense, but from my experience, including PvP, I think a defense buff to vitality in general would be enough of a buff to make vitality that much more worth it. Crit defense doesn’t seem that viable in my opinion and sounds like more work for developers as that would introduce a new stat to the game. There just isn’t that many critical hits going on normally in either PvP and PvE, so reducing all damage via the defense stat I think would make a huge difference and would allow for differences in builds.

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First of all, Dex gives crit chance, and 50 Dex gives +10% crit chance, so it can stack pretty fast. I never said regeneration was good (:joy:) it’s terrible, but if people are going to use it, its going to be used in early game.
There is already a defense stat, so the perk could stack onto of that.
And if they are going to try and make the stat better, they should be willing to put in some extra time. (Not saying they will, lol)
I LOVE the thoughts, most people will just complain, and give no solutions. You are really going in deep. Nice work!

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I’ve tried to mess with crit chance with DEX and if you put all your points into DEX currently, you’d end up with 32% crit, which is quite a bit, but I don’t think its enough to necessarily be concerned about. I get what you’re saying though, it does stack and it does hurt when you get hit by a crit, but I think defense already lessens a portion of the damage that a critical hit would do, i’m actually not to sure.

I agree! I enjoy deep conversations, plus there’s no fun if someone agrees with another person 100% of the time, i’m glad you’re throwing out your own ideas!

I’d have to agree, or replace it with the former “Consumer” Perk.

Atleast its better than it use to be, it use to do NOTHING, I honestly think it should be the one with the defense buff.

The perk lasts for about 4 seconds btw, it should be increased to 10 seconds.

Thanks for letting me know about the amount of time the perk lasts! Glad to hear about your feedback I really appreciate it!

I really just want to be a tank in this game, but it doesn’t seem that viable to even try currently.

You have a good point about the crit chance, but I am mostly talking about Rangers. Sorry for not being clear. The ranger stance stacked on top of that 1/3 crit chance it something to consider… :thinking:

I tried that also in the testing realm, its not as overpowered as people would think. You shoot really fast and can deal mediocre or less than mediocre damage per hit, but the thing that genuinely makes a Ranger really good, at least in a PvP perspective is its AoE Hail of Arrows since it covers an area consistently, anyone who steps in it is practically done for. Ranger’s Stance has its ups and downs for PvP as well.

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