Vitality And Regeneration

Also, one thing. Poly and ber come online every once in a while and check topics which usually have a lot of feedback, so you wouldnt need to mention them considering this topic is latest atm and has 60+ recent replies

have I sworn?
have you SEEN me break any rules? (don’t answer to this one I know what you will say :roll_eyes:)
I try to be my best and listen to both sides of the story
for once when we started talking about your idea I wasn’t against you but as it always does it spiralled out of control.

I was simply stating the fact and what I have gathered from experience, I do admit that I might be wrong when it comes to the devs but the mods are, for all needs and purposes, inactive*

I was already planning on DMing them, asking for an official statement. Just figured I’d try and get them here 🤷🤷 Can’t hurt, right?

Back to the topic, I’ve put some thought into what you guys said, and I’ve realized that my idea would be broken if it were to be carried out as Phoenix said.
But as I’ve said,

Meaning, I just want this feature to be a small hp regeneration bonus.

and as I said

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As said here.

Considering you could have 90 vit and it would only heal 27 hp more, just seems a bit unimpactful in the long run. Also would make maxing regeneration skill a bit useless considering it only increases by 5 per.

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I was kinda thinking the same. Why even bother at this point? Who does it help without breaking the game?

especially since by that point, you would probably have 1,5-2k HP and your passive regen would be in the hundreds

It would actually be very useful in PVP

Ehhh PvP should just have a complete overhaul after raids come out. There is a LOT they need to change for that.

I think they should disable potions in PVP as well.

i agree with this, especially since warriors are essentially broken and can 1 shot everything at least 3-4 levels below them

I kinda agree with this. We should make a master thread of PvP changes that should all come in as a complete overhaul.

Yeah, its OP. Warrior skills do wayyy too much damage when compared with other class skills. Especially lunge.

at 90 VIT passive regen would just out beat the healing skill either way (hell even the potions wouldn’t stand up to the passive healing at that point)

Again, if 1 vit point increase 0.3 of the max hp regenerated, that means only about 97 health would be regenerated, which is equivalent to one potion.
So adding this feature is like having one potion for every regeneration cooldown, if/when potions get disabled.

the passive regen would literally heal you for about 100 hp each second at no cost

But the skill would provide 100 additional health.

How will that be useful in direct combat, unless you stall out for minutes, it will take a long time to heal.