Vitality And Regeneration

As the Vit stat says, Vit increases max hp and regeneration. Seeing that there is a regenerating ability in the game, I was wandering why, when Vitality was increased, the regeneration ability didn’t regenerate faster.
I’m not sure if this is intentional, or if it’s a bug.
If it’s intentional, I would like to suggest that vitality increase the regeneration rate of that skill.
If it’s a bug, I would like it to be fixed.

Uhhh, I think by regeneration it means the passive HP regen, not the skill itself.

If that’s the case then…

In my opinion, this would really help people start a tank character.

Regeneration is an adventurer skill, it’s MEANT to only heal at around 50-70 hp total. This is so that, when support sub classes such as cleric and paladin come out, their jobs are actually useful

I still see no reason as to why the total amount of hp regenerated shouldn’t be able to increase as your vitality increases.
It wouldn’t be too overpowered, and it would only limit the heals to the players that actually focus on vitality.
But I do see your point that it would somewhat limit the amount of help the subclasses that could heal would be able to give.

Because than a tank could play without needing a healer

A simple fix would be to not increase the regeneration rate that much. For every 1 vit, it could increase 0.3 health regeneration of the skill, again, not making it overpowered.

I don’t really see the advantage of adding it.

The fact that, if you are trying to tank, you would buy less potions and last longer in battles.

Potions will not be a primary method of healing, making this void. Healing will be done by a healer subclass, not potions.

I want to add that the purpose of a tank is not to never die, it’s to be able to take lot’s of hits without being damaged much.

I’m not just focusing on depending on healers, I am trying to say that, without healers, you would have to buy potions. I know that potions are not the primary method of healing, but subclasses wont be either. So if you’re alone in combat, you would be able to fend for yourself.

Don’t be alone. For casual fighting potions will due fine, right now you can easily get more potions than you use. For bigger things, like raids, you will need a healer. That’s why the class exists. If you don’t have knowledge of how MMORPGs work then don’t make suggestions. Lot’s of time and thought should be put into everything you suggest.

you see, the reason why vitality doesn’t increase the health regen SKILL is that once you hit stupid high vitality, we are speaking 30+ vitality, your passive regen is simply too strong to the point where the skill is simply useless since your passive regen gives you around 20-30 hp per second.

IF per say the healing skill WOULD regen HP based on how big your VIT stat is, or based on % rather then on straight up numbers, it would get stupid op fast.
let’s say my lvl 25 warrior tank has 1k hp and the healing skill restores 10% hp each second for 5 seconds. this would let me regen 500hp with little to no cost and make potions useless + warriors would be EVEN MORE stupid op then they are now

now talking about how ‘‘tanks’’ should be able to play by themselves without the need of mass amounts of potions and/or a healer. you do realise we are speaking about warriors? the strongest frontline battle class in the game + the fact that they are TANKS means they will have STUPID high damage and modest damage + they will have defensive skills for DAYS. tanks won’t need healers but they will benefit from them BIG TIME


oh and yeah, its meant to be an adventurer skill (meaning it’s supposed to be weak), in the future, we will probably have stronger healing spells that just act as a 1up to the already existing healing skill, just with a twist : P

that’s how MMORPGs work

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What gives you the right to tell me what I should create and what I shouldn’t. I did take a lot of time to put thought into this.
You may wish to respond to something by disagreeing with it. That’s fine. But remember to criticize ideas, not people. Please avoid:

Instead, provide reasoned counter-arguments that improve the conversation.

I was thinking this as well. Honestly I don’t think the dev team should worry about changing anything with healing until subclasses are released so people can understand why things are a certain way.

while I don’t want to stir up the pot and have nothing against pizza in the current moment I do want to post this picture xd (for laughs : )

You got that from a closed topic, which I’ve learned from, and never repeated that mistake.
That being said, lets get back to the topic at hand.