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About Vindicate

Vindicate is a guild that has endeavored to be prominent and well known. We have survived through high inactivity levels, broken alliances, and content droughts. All of these things have made Vindicate more competent, better prepared for future events! We are ready for the future of the guild and Vesteria!

Vindicate is always welcoming new members into it. Every Vesterian can apply for a chance to be accepted into the guild. We are not a public guild where everybody can join and participate in events. People who wish to join the guild must apply to become an Initiate. Only guild members and allies can see channels such as announcements and guild-events.

Vindicate is always welcoming new members into it! Every Vesterian can apply for a chance to be accepted into the guild. We are not a public guild where everybody can join and participate in events, people who wish to join the guild must apply to become an Initiate (the lowest rank in the guild). More info on joining the guild can be found below.

Ranking System and Requirements to Join

To join Vindicate and become an Initiate

  • You need to have Discord
  • Answer a 4 question application in the #role-apply channel

Join the Discord server here!

Ranking System
Vindicate does not have a complex ranking system where there are multiple ranks that have almost no meaning or point. There are 3 main ranks that guild members can earn. These ranks are listed from lowest to highest in the ranking system. The guild leaders are called Archons.

- The Initiates
Vesterians that wish to join Vindicate are placed in this rank first. The Initiates are Vindicate’s newest faces in the guild. They must prove themselves that they are worthy enough to be promoted to the next, higher rank. Being worthy does not only mean being active! It means that you are trustworthy, involved in the guild, and generally friendly.

- The Harbingers
The Harbingers are the heart and core of Vindicate. Harbingers participate in guild events, fight in wars for the guilds honor, and help decide on minor guild decisions. Harbingers are invited into the in-game guild as they have proven themselves that they are worthy. They are the guilds light, its life! Vindicate could not exist without them.

- The Vanguard
The Vanguard is an elite group of Harbingers. They have proven themselves to be some of the most trustworthy and dependable members in Vindicate. Without them, Vindicate would not be in the place it is in right now. They have provided aid that has helped Vindicate greatly, helping decide in major guild decisions, maintaining inactivity in membership, and contributing in many other ways!

Inactivity in any of these ranks will result in a demotion. Of course, factors in real life can limit members from being online, and informing the guild leaders that you will be inactive will result in you not being demoted. You will always have a second opportunity to be greeted back into the guild.

Additional ranks:

- Visitor
- Representative
- Ally

Member List and Server Staff

A full list of all the Harbingers and Initiates in Vindicate.

Member Rank
SneakyHarley520 Archon
Gaarbb Archon
iNitronix Vanguard
superchief9145 Vanguard
pandachuff Vanguard
markosabel Harbinger
McAlexton Harbinger
Vaipa686 Harbinger
Powerman13456 Harbinger
virizion2005 Harbinger
luckylucas9 Harbinger
Themermaid12345 Harbinger
Chigozie800 Harbinger
jodaking48 Harbinger
Kenny12321856 Harbinger
vonmizzle Harbinger
Dantexchan Harbinger
pinkninjajul Harbinger
xGabriel2017 Harbinger
Millitary_Apple Harbinger

Event Info

Vindicate holds weekly events on Saturday and Sunday. Events on Saturday involve Vesteria and are limited to guild members and allies. These events are run on a monthly schedule and are ordinarily free to enter. Occasionally, some events will cost silver, meaning these events will have greater rewards. The silver earned from these events goes towards the guild stash.

Every 2 Sundays, Vindicate chooses games to play and tighten guild bonds. Game nights are a free, private event that encourages socializing in games other than Vesteria.

Event Schedule
1st Saturday of the month Guild-Voted Event
1st Sunday of the month Gamenight
2nd Saturday of the month Guild-Voted Event
3rd Saturday of the month Guild-Voted Event
3rd Sunday of the month Gamenight
4th Saturday of the month Guild-Voted Event

As of now, game night takes place every Sunday with Vesteria closed

Guild Screenshots

Pictures and screenshots of past guild events and meetings.

Thank @pandachuff for most of the pictures, he’s pretty good at that kind of stuff.

Updated May 17th, 2020