Vindicate Guild Post


Logo created by the amazing HydraSynthesis

About our Guild
Vindicate welcomes everybody into its guild, no matter what class or subclass they are. Visitors are welcome and everybody is treated with respect. We strive to become a well known guild but we cant do that without your help!

Member List
  • SneakyHarley520
  • Gaarbb
  • iNitronix
  • superchief9145
  • pandachuff
  • 000ChojiAkamichi000
  • UltraRedOrange
  • virizion2005
  • Vaipa686
  • MintyPancakes
  • Military_Apple
  • McAlexton
  • Chigozie800
  • joypics
  • luckylucas9
  • evman101lol
  • ElbowFeet
  • markosabel
  • Azuristicus
  • Powerman13456

68 total people in the server.

Ranking System and Requirements to Join

To join Vindicate:

  • You need to be at least lvl 30 on one slot
  • You need to be active unless you give an inactivity notice
  • You need to have Discord

Join the Discord server here!

Ranking System
Vindicate has a simple ranking system, one where there are no ranks that make no difference.

- Trainee
Trainees are the new recruits and inactive members of the guild. People who wish to join the guild but are below lvl 30 will be given this role and promoted to Member once they reach lvl 30. Trainees are promoted to Members once they have proven themselves that they are active. This can take anywhere from 1 week to several. Inactivity as a Trainee will result in a kick from the guild.

- Member
The members are the heart of the guild. They have proven themselves to be trustworthy and active. Members fight in guild wars and are friendly people to chat with. Members are invited into the in-game guild once they are promoted. Breaking any major rules as a member will most likely result in a kick from the guild. Inactivity as a member will result in a demotion.

- The Vanguard
The Vanguard are the officers of the guild. They are the most active and trustworthy members of the guild and help decide on major guild decisions. They serve as moderators for the Discord and dispute any fights that come up. Members are invited into this rank only and asking for this role will result in you never having it.


Vindicate holds many events, often with large rewards. Every Saturday there is a game night that all members can participate in. Every Sunday there is an event that takes place in Vesteria with rewards. These events can be:

  • Tournaments
  • Hide n Seek
  • Solo or duo SQR runs
  • Trivia

Vindicate also holds public tournaments that everybody can join. These tournaments are seasonal and have big rewards. One example of this is our Thanksgiving Tournament. These tournaments are 1v1 duels and opponents are randomly chosen.