Vincent is too epic!1!

ok so i was playing warrior for the first time and it was pretty unepic, i was trying for a paladin build with 0 experience and that went horribly wrong. here is my old build at level 15:

the wasted points in vit depressed me and it’s hard to level up as a warrior without strength. it was way too unepic, so i went to my favourite con artist vincent van gogh to save me.

in the end, the legendary vincent pulled a W after stealing 120 of my silver mushcoins and brought me this epic build:

he even left me 69 bronze mushcoins to help me on my travels!!

vincent is an extremely epic gamer, like if you agree.

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sfasfafwa He made me a glass cannon 2nd try.
All hail Vincent

epico taco burrito

Vincent or Jesus? Can never tell which people are talking about tbh they are too similar.

Easy, one is dead and one is not

I guess, i mean Vincent literally cant die so that just means Vincent 1 Jesus 0

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Okay, this is epic.

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nice xd