[VIDEO] Patch Notes 12/5/18: Alpha 1.1

Not sure if we are supposed to have access to this tag but using it while I can.

This is the video form of the patch notes for all your lazy friends that don’t like reading.


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1:44, what is that thing that I kill??

Great video. Very simple and informative for the people who don’t want to spend 20 minutes reading and trying to figure out what the patch notes mean.

The one thing I think you could’ve explained more were the goblins. Although they may be low level and are basically useless for 75% of the community, you still should’ve explained them in more detail.

Yeah I could have given more detail for like locations, drops, and what not. Will keep this in mind next time around, I just don’t want to make a patch notes video too long.

readings for nerds so i ripped out my eyeballs xD also i foUnd this G-NOBLIN IN A TENT

wait y did u put 85 points into str i dont understand?

I’m too lazy and don’t like reading or watching videos. What do

Sorry for the late reply