Vestria antagonists

Will vestria have a story of sorts with your generic evil bad guy/s (not saying it’s a bad thing)

Or will the story be a freelance fighter trying to make it to the top, etc…

I know there is still tons of time for the game to have a story but I just wanted to know if anyone ever thought about it

I want a evil guy who keeps coming back no matter what that you slowly grow a love for like in tons video games where in the end you actually sort of want him to win or you can go with the super evil scary and mean man who I would also love to see but I do want a recurring villain no matter what lol.

Sounds like Pokemon rivals to me, without the evil parts.

i’m pretty sure the devs said that there really isn’t a story in vesteria and more like just fighting enemies , doing quests , and gaining lvls etc. But maybe in the future that might change :thinking:

Now that I think about it that storyline doesnt really fit vesteria (the main evil villain guy) I agree that vesteria is more small quests and not some main massive enemy.

A cool plot twist would be if that the antagonist would be your persumetly dead brother . Which the main reason he goes evil is because of anger or hatred that you where not there to save him or that he was to weak to save your parents. Not sure if this is considerd to be to dark for the games liking or not. Or it could just simply be that your brother just want infamy and riches and you’re againts that idea or such. So he’d be your ally by the first 3 to 5 hours into the game but will turn bad, and you can see and tell why he becomes this bad antagonist whitin reasons and such and diffrent view over how that world should function.

Also how the boss will work would basicly Depend on what class you picked on in the end he’d be using similar moveset like you but only faster,stronger and more advance movset like you, and this will be a main 1v1 story quest, that you can only do in solo. Kinda how they did with Vergil in Devil may cry 3.

hey what if you can be the antago… well to be honest i would like a guy who gives me good loot and a good amount of cash, and fun to grind. Sorry i cant think of anything good other than the fight

You’re on the right track. It doesn’t have a main story but rather small stories and quests.

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No. this game won’t have a “main story”
sure it will have plot and lore and all that stuff but no main story
it will, however, have quests and many MANY storylines but no “save the world” plot of any sorts