VesteriaTimes 1/7/20: Upcoming Whispering Dunes Update, New Bug Squisher

Whispering Dunes? When?!

Many have questioned when the wonderful Whispering Dunes will arrive in front of Vesteria’s doorstep. According to Davidii, it seems that it will come sometime around this month. Scanning #Sneaky-Peeks gives us a slight overview on how their progress is.

What could be in this new update?

What many have speculated is it’ll have a special way to get in Whispering Dunes. What has been confirmed is that players in parties must complete “The Gauntlet” in order to pass. It also has been noted that you will only need to complete The Gauntlet once forever. You can however join someone’s party if they have not yet completed it.
Inside Whispering Dunes is supposedly a new dungeon, along with a Boss and Miniboss. The Boss will be the well-known Scarab, which seems to be a World Boss; while the Miniboss “Auktufiti” is claimed to be a double-scale bandit skirmisher with very long range.

The New Bug Squisher

Berezaa stated that on Jan. 1st a new member of the dev team will come aboard to squish those bugs many have complained about. The bug fixer is named Nimblz, and seems to have taken a pleasurable greet to the community.


Whispering Dunes has been taken a hefty toll on the developers. But what awaits at that long hallway is a bright new area with content many Vesterians have been dying for. Along with this, a new member considered Nimblz has taken the pledge to fix any bugs that come across. How do you feel about the this upcoming update?

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