Vesteria's Timelines are inconsistent

So every shift is a new timeline being created.

The pre-alpha playtest was a world before Vesra and Terul, the chaos that happened due to a lack of the gods caused every data to be wiped therefore there were over 16 different timelines. Eventually Vesra and Terul arrived from different realms, a realm of light, and dark respectively.

The early-alpha: (alpha before January 15th)
after the two gods arrived, the 16+ timelines of pre-alpha were all wiped clean of life by Terul, currently these realms only have skeletons and burnt cities, making it an eerie place. Vesra brought most of the life to the alpha timeline, as a new timeline was born.

ignore rockthrow incident, after some research, please think of it as the datastore incident.

The datastore incident:
After a great mage by the name of Tal-Rey failed a spell that caused cataclysm all over the world, Vesra moved the life to another timeline, while Terul deleted the timeline.

Late alpha:
The next timeline was an interesting one, with the awakening of the two evils known as the Spider Queen and Yeti, Adventurers were arriving at larger numbers to combat the evil, however this timeline was moved.

early beta:
it took around 3 hours for Vesra and Terul to move all the new Adventurers, Vesra rewarded the 30,000 Adventurers that arrived before this timeline, however this timeline came to a quick end.

the discord incident:

A titan known as ROBLOX awoken and threatened to destroy Vesteria, Vesra and Terul had to act swiftly before Vesteria was deleted, unable to defeat ROBLOX, they tricked the titan into staying in the timeline and duplicated the timeline.

The new adventure:
After a while of peace, the faction of hunters became threatening enough that Vesra and Terul could be used as puppets by the more powerful hunters, the solution was to create a new timeline where Admiral Hugo was replaced, this was the start of Terul’s corruption…

The Enchantment Wipe:
The weapons updgraded by the cursed scrolls of Terul, and the Orb of Vesra were way too powerful for the two to contain, the solution was to create yet another timeline in which all of the enchantments, and all of the money were removed, they did manage to create a new enchantment system, and money was created again.

The grass incident:
Some time has passed since the Enchantment wipe, however a spell caused by Xero in mushtown caused a reversion to a timeline that existed in an alternate universe, having the power to revert it, Terul wiped all life, while Vesra was working on a newer timeline, that would be complete, until an unknown faction of bandits in a desert were discovered…

Post Whispering Dunes:
Terul had a bunch of bandit followers, and decided to let the bandits have a large desert, he wiped the current one clean of life, and tried to move everyone, he later got obsessed with wiping Vesteria clean of life.

Terul’s Purgatory:
Terul eventually decided to drain the life force of all of the Vesterians and put them in purgatory, this would last for two weeks until Vesra reverted life back.


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SO let me make sure I understand this correctly:
This is a timeline of every update?
Like, the 'Late Alpha" is when SQ and Yeti were added.

Not sure what “The New Adventure” is (I joined well after “The Enchantment Wipe”)

“The Grass Incident” is when @berezaa tried to add something and it caused a reversion to a previous update.

“Post Whispering Dunes” is where we were before Vesteria died for real.

“Terul’s Purgatory” is where we are now.

“Vesra’s Rebirth” is I guess where we’ll be after Vesteria resurrects.

this is only the major shutdowns
for instance when alpha was transitioning to beta, the game was shutdown for like 4 hours for the update, the some alpha players were still in the game, but not kicked because they didn’t bother to shut down all servers, which I remember I was in the sewers (best grinding place back then) and grinded to lvl 28 until I got bored.