Vesteria's Brand New Minigame, J O U S T I N G!

I’ve ALWAYS wanted a little bit of minigames in Vesteria and this post is to show you some examples, for each class.
Here, is the warrior minigame. Jousting!

Here’s a quick history lesson about it (if you don’t know what jousting is because you have smol brain)

Take a good look at this picture.

This is a photo of modern jousting.
It’s the act of riding on your horse with a lance in hand and charging at your opponent.
(well, for all I know lmao)
In medieval times this was actually training for warfare, but in the modern day we just do it for fun. (also known as not killing people)


There would be a section in the Warrior Stronghold with two NPCs, one being the jousting shop (i’ll get to that later) and the NPC that starts the minigame. You need to be a Warrior and level 30 to be able to do the minegame.

It’s simple, you’d be on your horse charging at the npc. If you can react to the combination of buttons on your screen the fastest, you “stab” (you don’t kill him you just hit him with it) the other NPC with your lance. (also known as YOU WIN)

Note that he has three levels of difficulty. If you win more, he gets harder.

Every time you win, he gives you black and white coin currency that you can use to buy better Lances at the shop. (because your lance MAY break sometimes)

The Wooden Lance - 15 Silver (50% chance to break when you win/lose)
Reinforced Lance - 3 Black And White Coins (25% chance to break when you win/lose)
Bluesteel Lance - 5 Black And White Coins (15% chance to break when you win/lose)
Golden Lance - 10 Black And White Coins (3% chance to break when you win/lose)

And don’t worry, there is a reason you want to be getting those coins other than getting better lances. You can get WEAPONS from Black And White coins.

Katana (25 Black And White Coins) Level 30 Weapon. Damage: ?? (Plus One Dex!)

Battle Axe (30 Black And White Coins) Level 32 Weapon. Damage: ?? (No perks.)

Dual Steel Swords (Berserker only) (30 Black And White Coins) Level 33 Weapon. Damage:
?? (No perks)

Other things like consumables would be purchasable there too.

Anyways, I hoped you like my post. I know it sucks, but it’s just a concept.

And don’t worry, Hunters. I have concepts for you too.

win too much and you’ll have to fight matt

Very epic.

Very cool idea. I would love to see people riding around on horses trying to knock the other person off. Sounds similar to my idea for sports.

stop trying to scare my readers over there
this isn’t yeti ball >:C

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I’d love to have a jousting area in the warrior stronghold where you could joust other players.