Vesterian Shirt for Warriors

Ayeo, guys, I’ve been messing around with shirts lately, haven’t really gotten anything that good, but I figured I’d share with you the shift I’m going to use for now, as well as one you can customize a bit.

This one is a little janky, but you won’t notice it.

I recommend using, it’s great software for this messy stuff.

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Pretty neat!

Minding the obviously noticeably screw ups, yeah! Thanks, actually. Lol

try using this logo… it might make for a cleaner shirt :slight_smile:


woahhh, that’s highhhhh quality

That’s because he cheats, he knows the owner so it’s unfair.

yaasss, @berezaa we need to have our clan/class shirts to represent omg… that would be greattt

Nice again, did you design the shadows and stuff yourself?

Ha, no ;-;

Okay, do you mind sending me a link to those shadows? I need to help Vexpois out with the guild and merch stuff.

Spiffy. I’m a mage though.

Check out my other post, I have better shirts, and for mages.