Vesterian measurements and why they don't stay consistent as far as I can tell

This is gonna be a lot of images and stuff so I’ll try and organize it the best I can
I’m making this because I want to and you can’t stop me

Also disclaimer: I’ve barely actually developed stuff on roblox which means I’m legit going off of my own knowledge of measurement and speed and stuff. This stuff will be inaccurate but hopefully it will lead to a discussion that ends up with the right answer about how fast a vesterian is or what unit of measurement the jump stat is measured in

Also this is for fun.

1. Running speed

this is your default walkspeed in vesteria, it should be measuring how far you can go in a second using a measurement that we will hopefully find out

Thundercall has a range of 30m (I’m going to assume meters) at level 6 (VI)

This is what 30 meters looks like ingame, if I move a bit back it wont hit

walking forward for 1 second, I end up about here

this seems like around 23 walkspeed instead of 18 walkspeed or thundercall only has around 25 meters of range
either way, vesterians can WALK at 18 meters a second

2. Mana bomb

From me to the dummy on the right is how much radius the bomb has

Since level 10 pure mana bomb as a sorcerer has a radius of 38

ok so this unit of measurement is in studs (obviously) and makes the walkspeed unit and radius unit just not make sense because I travel all the way through the bomb with an 18 stud walkspeed even though the diameter of the bomb is 76 studs.
vesterians are warping space to get to their destination
or I don’t know how roblox studs work
OR berezaa is using different units of measurement to measure different things

let me try something else

3. Height

So… going off of the mana bomb radius for height (bad idea I know) I can figure out how tall vesterians are in this image

it looks like I can fit around exactly 2.3 more vesterians inside that mage bomb radius (shown by the red line)
this means that vesterians are around 17 studs tall
or if we go off the other measurement, 16 meters tall

wow isn’t that amazing
this probably so wrong :/.

berezaa please add an “M” after ranges because I say so and I would like to know how many markers somethings range is

thank you for reading and please tell me what you think below :D.

We never said that speed is measured in m/s :sweat_smile:


Curb your measurements.

I know
but you didn’t say that is wasn’t measured in meters

If Vesterians are 16 meters tall then does that mean that the gnomes are humans?

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