Vesteria Wiki Attacker's Discord

There was a twitter account associated with the attacker.
These are some images from the discord.

Discord ids: VesteriaTrash#3475 with id of 473211910171525140, and Comrade Aids#0868 with id of 368128973839794187

Don’t trust them, block them. Report any way you can.

This post is dedicated to @Sitizen

These are the kind of people you can easily avoid.
All ya need to do is lock the wiki!

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If you want to avoid a wiki attack, lock every page from being edited except by wiki moderators and administrators for at least the next month or two.

This kind of reminds me back when I nuked a Vesteria server. At first I was laughing, but now I regret doing it.

This is simply the solution to avoid a wiki attack, but the most convenient way is to have a wiki contributor group.

This guy gives me the same vibe that one guy that DM’d people a copy and paste about Berezaa in the Vesteria discord back in alpha. Crazy yo.

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Yeah, not to mention the amount of Berezaa hate going around right now is unparalleled even by Alpha standards; and there was a fair bit of it back in Alpha.

how childish does one have to be to attack a roblox game wiki

This reminds me of L u c k y

Who’s lucky?

He raided the forum by himself and was bumping random posts and was posting nsfw as well as being racist kinda.

tbh berezaa really isn’t doing much to protect the wiki. He could just lock it but he isn’t

get nae naed

I left it after he posted extremely racist memes

I’ve been doing a little bit of thinking about the attacker, and after looking at some of what the attacker posted, I have a theory on who it is. I wont share it publicly because I don’t have any tangible proof, but if you want a hint on who I think it is, consider that whoever it was must have had at least a decent amount of interest in Vesteria before the most recent updates.

looking at it practically, doesn’t really lower suspect count kek