Vesteria VS World//Zero

Vesteria and World // Zero (WZ) are both good games in my opinion, but here are some comparisons between them.

Inventory, settings, and skills

World zero has all three of these things connected to the inventory (so to access settings or skills, you have to open your inventory.) while Vesteria has them separate, I personally like WZ’s UI formatting better since the inventory, settings, and skills cover less space, but because of all the other UIs, my screen is very much covered.
As for the inventory itself, Vesteria has different sections for different items, while WZ has everything in one section.
When it comes to seeing what is equipped, I like Vesteria better, since it tells you what each slot is for, and has a picture of your character with the stuff, while world zero just has it all mushed together and the labels for the slots blend in too much with the slot itself.
World Zero’s Settings are very basic, all they have is music volume, and the option to see your own healthbar above your head, no keybinds, at all, no chat settings, or anything else, while Vesteria has every keybind, music settings, and more!
And lastly, the skills menu.
Vesteria’s skill menu is very organized and looks great, it’s also where you can choose what stats and skills you should put your points into.
WZ’s on the other hand is almost pointless, you automatically get skills when you level up, and you can’t set what key the skill is set to, albeit it does tell you how much mana the skill takes and what the required level to use it is, but for Vesteria you don’t need to be a certain level to unlock skills, and you can figure out how much mana a skill uses with basic math. One last issue with World Zero’s skills is … besides the basic slash and sheathing your swords, there are only two skills, leap strike and whirlwind strike (spinning around), I’m surprised jumping isn’t on the list since it shows almost every action you can do.

Basic UI

Both games have similar UI with the health bar, mana, and hotbar, at the bottom, however WZ has it’s exp at the bottom as well, while vesteria has its at the top. I personally like vesteria’s exp bar location and size better, but I like how WZ tells what percent you’re at (50% when you are halfway through, 25% when you’re a quarter through, etc). WZ has a custom chat while vesteria doesn’t really (vesteria has different colored text for developers and contributors, and a little “a” for alpha players, but other than that, it’s the basic roblox chat.). However, you can close vesteria’s chat, but you cannot close World Zero’s chat …ever… WZ’s chat is also very colorless, and bland in my opinion. World zero also has an objectives list in the top right, this is mostly transparent, and becomes non-transparent when you hover your mouse over it.

Character and gear design
Character design and customization

Character design in Vesteria is very unique with how you can customize your character’s hair, shirt, pants, and other things. Vesteria’s character design looks great and isn’t too crazy.
World // Zero’s character design is very unique as well, they have a lot to customize, however you can’t customize clothing since you are always wearing armor. I personally like vesteria’s character design better because it still has that roblox feel, while it is also very different at the same time, while WZ’s just seems to much like anime or Rthro (I don’t like rthro). In WZ you can dance if you press N though, so that’s kind of neat.

Weapon Design

World Zero’s weapon design is very colorful and nice, but the weapons seem very similar, and cooler looking weapons aren’t as good as a simple blue sword.
Vesteria’s weapon design is simple, but it has variation, and you can tell what’s better just by taking a look at the equipment.

Armor Design

World Zero’s armor is very colorful, unlike its weapons the armor is very unique and looks pretty good. Vesteria’s armor is all pretty different and simple, but they look great!

Player VS Entity

In vesteria, combat against most entities is pretty simple, but you can also group up enemies then take them all out at once, but when you’re against a boss, you need to attack at the right times in order to survive. In World Zero all you have to do is hold down the mouse button and the game does everything for you, you do have skills that you can use, but they aren’t much better than your normal attack. To beat the (mini)bosses in world zero you need good gear and luck, the boss’ attack hitboxes are absolutely broken, they all have an attack that makes you trip (if you trip you lie on the ground and can’t do anything while you get attacked.) and if you trip, it cancels any special move you were using. If you try running away before they use the attack, half the time you still get hit and trip despite the fact you were far away from the attack.

Player VS Player

In vesteria, players can fight in a specific area, or if they agree to duel, it’s simple and efficient. In WZ there is no pvp yet, I do not know if they plan on adding it, but I’m pretty sure they will.

The World

The areas in WZ are beautiful, pretty large, and ready to be explored…well it would be if there weren’t invisible barriers and other things to block you literally everywhere! Want to go info the ocean or any other body of water? Too bad, invisible barrier! Want to go up a hill? Too bad, here are some leaves as hard as steel to prevent you from moving through them! Want to get through this small grate that you could easily fit through? Invisible barrier. Want to walk on the lava/magma? Invisible barrier. Want to jump off a cliff to get down somewhere faster? TOO BAD, INVISIBLE BARRIER! While in Vesteria, everywhere is explore-able, and there are no yucky invisible barriers, even the edges of the map have no invisible barrier, it’s all open to explore, it’s huge and looks amazing!


In WZ there are different teleport shrines you can teleport between as long as you have gone to the shrine before, some areas also cost tokens you can buy to teleport to, also, the shrines are exactly like the ones in Zelda BOTW In Vesteria you have runes that you can use anywhere, and will bring you to a specific place. Sprinting in Vesteria takes away stamina, so you can’t do it forever, but there are skills you can get that help you get around faster, while in WZ you can just sprint forever so it’s pointless not to.


There are currently only 3 shops in WZ, there’s a little stand at the beach that sells potions, fast travel tokens and …cat ears, there’s a general store in the shopping area that sells the same exact stuff as the beach stand, and there’s an gear store that sells almost every armor and weapon in the game, there will be other stores eventually. In Vesteria, the shops are spread out all over the map, and no two shops have the exact same stuff for sale.

Other Stuff
Bugs and Glitches

In Vesteria, bugs and glitches are fixed very quickly most of the time, especially game breaking ones. I am not entirely sure about WZ’s policy on bugs and glitches, but it’s day 3 of the game being out, and enemies are still stuck in the air for me. ;-;


In World // Zero you cannot trade yet, but I know they are developing a trading system, and not all items are tradable, which I think is a good idea. Vesteria’s Trading system is great, not only can you trade items and money, but you can also let people know if you don’t like their offer.


World Zero only has one type of chest, and they can only be opened once ever, even if they only give you a small amount of money and a couple potions, while Vesteria has multiple types of chests, and normal chests can be opened once every 24 hours!

IRL merch

Vesteria has T shirts that are very comfy, come in many sizes and colors, and they’re affordable. My only issue with them is that they smell like vinegar when you get them, but sending them to the washing machine fixes that right up (At least for me)!
World//Zero has no merch, so Vesteria has the best merch!


Vesteria has all sorts of potions for different things, and for hp and mp potions, you have different potions that give different amounts. In WZ you only have 2 potions, the health potion that heals a small bit of hp, and the mp potion which gives you a bit of mp, not a lot of choices, and they aren’t too good.


World Zero currently has 1 gamepass, it’s 400 Robux (which is the price of the game), it gives you a couple grey and pale white skin colors and the ability to make each of your eyes a different color. Vesteria does not have any gamepasses yet, but they plan on adding things that aren’t pay to win. I’m happy that World Zero doesn’t have pay to win gamepasses/products.

Let me know what you think, this took over 3 hours to make!


sorry about all the screenshot taken popups.
I added a Gamepasses section to other stuff.

Never played world // Zero is it worth???

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At least we know one thing, vesteria tries to maintain the normal roblox graphics more than World // Zero.

It’s pretty fun, but there isn’t a whole lot to do.

wz wins in every way


w//z has no pvp reee you barely move when attacking

Vesteria wins because there is pvp trade etc and stuff

I also like vesteria’s style a lot better.

no pvp in vesteria is trash

at least it has pvp.

Yeet and anime looking roblox characters dont look like roblox anymore

Weow I’m late to read this but uh yea it’s a pretty accurate comparison.

My fav part is the invisible barriers bit :joy:

Gj Wolf

thank fren.

so which should i buy?

Up to u i would get Vesteria :wink:

Vesteria, world zero is made by SWORDBURST (yucky) :poop:

I personally like vesteria way better, since there is so much more to do, the community is nicer (imo), and I like the style better.

They’re both fun though.

I mean you came to a forum about vesteria…