Vesteria Unplayable on Mac OS

if someone on a mac could somehow get a screenshot of the dev console (press F9 or /console in chat) i think it could help narrow the issue down

you can’t. when you crash you can’t open the dev console.

The first is after loading in, second is after teleporting.

are you on mac? i notice this specific error too

Yeah got this same issue. Im also on Macbook Air. I have absolutely ZERO trouble running roblox and even creating games via roblox studio or playing other games. This problem is Vesteria only. Im not sure its entirely about MacOs but from the looks of it, it appears that way. Hopefully it gets fixed soon! I really wanna play during break-time from developing lmao.

Same here! Exactly my problem.

Heres some output from my load in

Ive noticed this UpValue error on the other outputs shown. Hopefully that helps. Its a common error.

im on mac aswell, i can get into the game just fine on my phone but on my imac it does not work at all, i am not sure why but it might be the Metal API

I agree with this I can’t play Vesteria on my Mac

Also cannot play on Mac OS, and its only Vesteria.

Tried it out on the iPad, works for Vesteria. I guess it’s only os?

This happens to me all the time, consistent freezing. This is why I haven’t played the update cause I’m waiting for this to get fixed. It’s literally so annoying.

and yeah I’m on mac

Eh I also Have Mac.Os And am not able to play vesteria. It also freezes up on the loading screen.

Is this fixed yet?

not yet

Can confirm it’s only kind of fixed - if you’re lucky, you can maybe load in, but stuff breaks when you die.

So it isnt jsut me… cool