Vesteria Unplayable on Mac OS

My friend (mikoecho2) was trying to play Vesteria, but he cant because every time he loads in the game, it freezes Roblox entirely. Only on Vesteria aswell. I tried moving his slot to some other area, but it wont fix it. I believe Vesteria has a problem with Mac’s because it’s not a problem on my PC.

Please respond as soon as possible.

this bug is very vague, all it is is “Vesteria Crashes on a Mac OS.”
any output logs he can grab? freezing on a loading screen? reinstall roblox? possibly banned?

It seems he’s freezing when loading into nilgarf.

Already done multiple times. It’s not roblox in general, it Vesteria with Mac’s (as far as I’m sure).

He can log into the game so no, he’s not banned.

Edit: he cannot grab f9’s or screenshot.

Is it not possible for your friend to make a recording of the crash happening? How far do they get? Do they even reach the Main Menu? It sounds like a terrible issue but you haven’t provided enough information to go on with.

Does that mean he reaches the Main Menu? Or does he not? :frowning_face:

Don’t buy apple products ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

He can reach his slots, but once he loads into his character (pass the loading screen) his game freezes completely. He’s not online rn but I will try to get an video of it.

asking people in the discord shows that this issue is indeed with a mac

Screenshot_20190807_222508 Screenshot_20190807_222517


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Yes! That exact bug I have rn!
It is very annoying that I can’t play Vesteria to collect idols ;-;

@berezaa Might wanna get on this since half the player base uses macs

titled changed to bug description since many testimonies prove to this

also, this might be a roblox engine bug since it’s affecting macs. perhaps they used something new?

imagine playing on an operating system that is owned by a company that makes you believe that you are at fault for anything that happens to your computer

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@Cyan_Sheep plays on mac I believe.

If this issue isn’t fixed by Sunday, I can test it with my Mac.

Same here, whenever my characters die, my game freezes completely. The only way out seems to be force quitting the game. Since one of my slot is stuck in an inaccessible area located somewhere around Nilgarf sewers, it is currently trapped in that particular zone. Thus making the game unplayable for me. (I’m a Mac user)

i have this problem too, it freezes but just takes an extremely long time to load
when you die the game freezes like this as well

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can confirm this

I have a mac as well and Iv’e been unable to play Vesteria for 3 days now

And its just vesteria. He can play tower hell, phantom forces, restaurant tycoon (he played it, not me).

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I’m pretty sure this is associated with the “joining game bug” report and the “portals extremely broken” bug report.

same, cannot join AT ALL