Vesteria trading problem, im serious

Guys this dude is trading a spider fang dagger, you know theres a glitch that will make your equipment disappear when you drop it, well after a few minutes, he started to to swear at me, and he called me a scammer. Guys how can i handle this dude?

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I know that is quite like a scammer but he didn’t listen to me and he just swore, a lot.

Just ignore him and walk away like a civilized person?

i would try

thanks man

do you are have stupid?

There is no such known glitch. Items despawn after minutes.

Also, he said bye in the last picture so I assume he left.

there is. some equipment and weapons (mainly happens with hunter vest and mushroom hat, although has happened to me with oak axes before) bug out when you attempt to drop them and the item icon becomes stuck on your screen. the item essentially ceases to exist and you have the tiny icon stuck on your screen till you rejoin.

If this happens again press f9 and look for an error. If you can find it we can fix it

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