Vesteria : The Beginning


The Beginning

Welcome to my post , this post consist of deep interesting story/lore which will branch into different parts in the future of what made vesteria unique, there are Main Characters who play a big role, The Beginning and even the possible endgame boss who can be introduced to the game and much more! feel free to reply what you think after reading this im very interested into what you guys think Enjoy!

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:warning: Keep in mind this post was intended for both the developers of the game and the users of this forums who likes to read some sweet lore


Mushtown being the first home town and great place made by adventurers in the land of Vesteria everything was peaceful, but things changed. Swarmed by the enemies known as Shrooms, the old faces of this town fled for safety and better life to a place called Nilgarf. However, mushtown isnt 100% abandoned there are still a few town folks who stick around mainly because of their love for their hometown knowing someday an Adventurer would stop by and assist them with their problems.

The Past

Before the onslaught of the Shrooms, mushtown was known for the peaceful Mushroom Forest nearby and around the village. Until recent years gone by, the forest became dangerous, filled with living Fungi (Shrooms) who will do anything to ensure you do not survive. Rumors spread across the Town about the evil spirit known as Vesterio passing by before the onslaught.

No one knows what Vesterio seeks, but the spirit seems to do anything to stop Adventurers from venturing forward. This case the spirit brought different types of fungi ,ranging from ones that Hop around and others with Feet!

The Spirit known as Vesterio

Hundreds of years ago before mushtown became a dangerous place there were 3 Adventurers named Eria , Vesol and Sero. These adventurers were the founders of the Factions we know today in the land of Vesteria,They were the first Adventurers from Mushtown who dared to explore even more. Curiosity amongst these 3 each made them special for their Strength , Intelligence and Dexterity.

Upon venturing throughout the path of the Land the adventurers came across a
Mysterious Rock
The Rock, unlike any other emitted 3 Colours : Red , Green and Blue. The rock also had a Binding like Symbol which held everything together. The Adventurers immediately after finding the rock there came across a suspicious figure who insisted Eria to hand over the rock.

Of course the Brave Sero asked why they must hand it over to the suspicious man but the person didnt say why, However, Vesol said otherwise. Vesol threatened to smash the rock into the ground if the man didnt give any information, And the man yet threatened still insisted that they hand over the Rock.

Eria didnt like what was going on and she told Vesol to break the rock and he did. Immediately after the Rock was broken a strong gust of Wind and Silence filled the Atmosphere. The man all afraid exclaimed “What have you done!” and he vanished in thin air…

Vesterio was summoned…

The Factions

After the rock was broken it shattered in a perfect form as if it was a puzzle, 3 Pieces. A Dark Figure who we now know as Vesterio flew out of the Rock. With an evil laugh the figure thanked the adventurers who were in shock on the ground for its Freedom. Vesterio was an evil spirit who will do anything to keep the pieces of the Rock to never come together for it will desummon him, he is known to execute those who tried but he didnt for these adventurers…

But in exchange Vesterio did not execute these adventurers, Instead the figure gave them the power of the Rock which we will now call the Tablet.

Eria granted the Power of the Blue Piece gave her Magical Abilities forming the First Leader of the MAGE faction, upong recieving this power Eria was cast into oblivion and said to have lay to rest far away in an Enchanted Forest but that is for another day…

Vesol granted the Power of the Green Piece gave him Tactical Abilities forming the first Leader of the HUNTER faction, upon recieving this power Vesol was banished into another land , further into the future, called Port Fidelio named after his last name but his story is for another day…

Sero granted the Power of the Red Piece gave him Powerful Abilities forming the first Leader of the WARRIOR faction, upon recieving this power Sero was casted into the mountains of the Land, further into the future forming the Warrior Stronghold.


The mysterious figure who approached the Adventurers in The Beginning when they first found the Tablet. Xero never introduced himself to the adventurers hundreds of years ago leaving no one to know who he really is after these years have past.


There is a myth that Xero was the keeper of the Tablet who knew the Terror that would come upon Vesteria if the Tablet was seperated. No one knows where he camed from but he has been asking Adventurers near mushtown for if they can find the Blue Piece which granted the founder of the MAGES , Eria magical capabilities.

Out of the 3 Pieces the Blue Piece was quite easy to find for the Magical Abilities were part of every Adventurer because of The Tree of Life.

The Tablet of Xero which was once wielded by Eria makes up the entire Land of Vesteria the power of this tablet when Eria wielded such, formed the Tree of Life which produced Magical Oxygen that MAGES and Adventurers breath in order to use their abilities, it is also said that if this tree was to be destroyed NOTHING will be able to use magic…

The Mages were threatened by the Monsters in the Enchanted Forest which led Eria to believe that the Blue Piece must be hidden, and so she did the piece was hidden within Mushtown where Xero felt its presence but couldnt find it… Other faction while being threathened aswell such as Sero and Vesol hid their pieces where no one would find it but Vesterio.

Tablet%20of%20Xero The Blue Piece

Vesterio Mistake

Vesterio greatest mistake was granting the 3 Adventurers the capabilities and banishing them hundreds of years ago, thinking they would fight against each other preventing them from keeping the Tablet from combining. However, that was the case for a few years until now.

The factions ancestors believed it was their Destiny to keep the Tablets hidden but now this present time they realised they were wrong and that Vesterio must not have control over the land of Vesteria and mush be stopped.


And so we have it, the factions of Vesteria must join forces together to cleanse their world of evil find the Tablets their ancestors hid and stop their creator Vesterio once and for all , whatever it takes adventure awaits, Welcome to Vesteria!

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This is really cool, can’t wait to see what else you write


Wow, you can tell you spent alot of work into this. I really enjoy having new lore this game, as it still holds many outcomes we dont know. Overall, astounding work on this!


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alot of people starts to write stuff on this forum because they got inspired by me

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Oh, well in this case I got inspired by davidii who had an idea where Vesteria was a goddess but in my part I claim Vesterio to be an evil spirit


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This lore feels as if it was actually in game, great job!

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:blush: that’s exactly how I wanted it to feel like

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alright hurry up make the continued player storyline NOW

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This is awesome, I had a good time reading this bit of lore you shared. And It connects to parts of the game as well!