Vesteria Talk - From A Die Hard Vesteria Fan

I wanted to just post an opinion of the current state of vesteria, and berezaa himself.
I know there is a risk of me getting banned from Vesteria, and the forums. But I just wanna get out my opinion.

The Current Day. -
As of right now, berezaa has hired a scripter for the game, and thanks to Markodox, I actually knew about this. And apperantly the games gonna be reopned in 11 days.

Right now, the discord is pretty much ok, and the community is holding up a bit, well. In my opinion.
It’s atleast fine for people who are just waiting for Vesteria to re-open.

Rant about the past. -
This is gonna take a while. So sit back and get some popcorn while reading this.
This is a rant about berezaa.
Since the guild hall update, berezaa man has seemed wierd to me. He’s not taking Vesteria seriously, it was just all fun and games, adding the orb and 18AP rock throw, and nothing really game changing. It seems like usually everyone else is doing the work, and berezaa just is messing around and not really doing anything useful to the game. The day that David ‘quit’ was really suprising and wierd. Because David was doing so well with Vesteria and everyone else, I wasn’t sure why he quit. Until the fight for life minigame.

I was in the guild hall VC when fight for life came out. Berezaa (in what i can recall) was playing the fight for life talon rage death, was a exploit killer. He played it off as a quality of life change, and then we all slowly left as he was adding the update, and spam killing us all in the menu.
When the fight for life minigame was added, I asked the #mushtown channel what happend. And, also asking about David too, apperantly. He was fired, by berezaa, of course. The way berezaa is acting with Vesteria, is like a toy that’s been through hell and back. He’s treating himself as a baby playing with a toy that’s Vesteria, he didn’t need to close the game, he just did it for the funny, and the worse part is, most of us are in quarintine, so we have lots of time for us to do things. Espacially play spin the farming wheel to have fun somehow.

The thing is, at the end of the day. Berezaa is just treating vesteria like a toy, David shouldn’t be fired, and soon enough. Poly is going to be fired, and the scripters will just be the only devs left, and.

It’ll be a cycle again.
Thank you for listenting to me, you can ban me on forums if you want, but not on Vesteria itself when it comes back.

[P.S i don’t know how to construct posts and my nitro is expiring tommorow :(( and i might get purged from the discord ]

It’s coming back in 11 days? And this is confirmed by the remaining new scripter?


Your credibility is on the line here, pal.

Do NOT fail.

if it’s coming in 11 days I’m gonna be your slave forever, I don’t know how you got all this info tho also there are more devs than the scripter and poly, contributors are like half-devs

You’re entitled to your own opinion but the thing is most of this is just opinion. Also, where is your source that the game re-opens in 11 days?

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watch him answer “bro my cousin told me, just trust me” :skull:

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“Dudedudedudedude just trust me man, trust me. my dad owns roblox and knows what berezaa is doing trust me dudeudued”


11 days??

Oh boy I can’t take any more…

knowing berezaa man he’ll probably have the update ready in like 8 days and wait 3 days to release it, i mean 11 days seems sensible for a scripter to learn the ins and outs of vesteria, because in bsrezaa’s post he said that the scripter has been messing around and doing some good stuff, so i dunno really

Don’t listen to rumors.

Although I highly doubt it will return in 11 days, I sure hope it will.

@discobot fortune

Will Vesteria return in 11 days?

:crystal_ball: Concentrate and ask again


@discobot fortune

Will Vesteria return in 11 days?

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:crystal_ball: As I see it, yes

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There is no confirmed date of Vesteria’s opening.


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Can’t say I disagree too much, but in a way some parts of this comment, such as the reasons for Firing Davidi, and how he’s treating vesteria might not be 100% true. After all, he’s the one making the game. The issue was with him and how the community wanted the game to be, as for how he wanted the game to be. Remember, this is the first time Berezaa actually makes an RPG game of this scale. Playing and Making are two different things. Lastly, You’ve done a horrible mistake by putting your own credibility and reputation in the line of a release date. If it was true, you should’ve kept it to yourself and your friends, and not handing it off to people. If they for any reason decide to postpone that date further on, you will be a liar, and people will have less trust on you. Be careful of what you dare to say.

Basically Berezaa fired Davidii for doing a good thing that needed to be done without him.

Doofus, not even you know the entire story. One thing is what they tell us. Another thing is what we choose to believe, and lastly is what is actually true.

Davidii did a good project, berezaa called that “disagreeing with him” and fired him.

Or maybe berezaa was just trying to improve Davidii with Cursed scrolls and it blew 'em up.

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Xbox or PS4?

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